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Services for the ASEAN Markets

transcosmos provides call center service, digital marketing service and E-Commerce One-Stop service targeting local market for our clients operating business in ASEAN.

Services for the ASEAN Markets

List of Services for the ASEAN Markets

Call Center Services

Guarantee call center quality equivalent to that of Japan

Customer support via telephone, website, and e-mail are provided (inbound / outbound). Delivery options with accommodations for multi-languages such as English and Indonesian are available. Bridging of business design / planning and operation management by the bilingual staff are available as well.

  • Provide call center service via multi channels (inbound / outbound)
  • Provide multilingual service in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines
    * Including affiliate company services
  • With various delivery options to accommodate clients’ needs, Japanese-English bilingual staff offers bridging and operation management service for operational design

Digital Marketing Services

Provide the optimum Web marketing for local market

Specialists with expertise in the local market select the most appropriate media and provide comprehensive support in planning, mapping, designing / developing, and management of various web marketing, including website, campaign site, creatives, and Smartphone applications.

  • transcosmos’ specialists with local market insight select the optimum media and provide One-Stop support for planning, designing, building / developing and operating various Web marketing for Website, campaign Website, creative and Smartphone apps
  • Provide services for countries / areas from sites in the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam
    * Including affiliate company services

E-Commerce One-Stop Services

Strongly support E-Commerce business expansion in ASEAN market

transcosmos offers total One-Stop service through partnership with PFSweb, a major outsourcer in the U.S. E-Commerce outsourcing industry. Specifically, total service from E-Commerce website design to promotion, order reception, call center management such as after support, and fulfillment are all offered at One-Stop.

  • Capital and business partnership with “Berrybenka.com”, a major Indonesian fashion E-Commerce Website showcasing over 500 apparel brands
  • Acquire over 10,000 new members per day Capital and business partnership with “Ookbee”, the largest e-book store in ASEAN with approximately 6 million members
  • Enhance business expansion in ASEAN region with “MetroDeal”, the Philippines’ largest daily deal Website
  • Operate “Gotcha!mall”, a shopping mall Smartphone apps in ASEAN
    Promote “visit, purchase and re-visit” using a capsule toy (small vending machine) gimmick

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