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Services for the South Korean Market

transcosmos offers South Korean market E-Commerce total One-Stop service, call center service, digital marketing service, direct mail service, and field service. transcosmos owns sites in Seoul, Seongnam, Pusan, and other sites in South Korea and is capable of providing services to accommodate the South Korean culture and characteristics. From designing an E-Commerce website, to promotion to attract customers, order reception, and call center operations such as after support, E-Commerce business development in the South Korean market is fully supported all in one location. With Interpak CS, a major South Korean online shopping company, now as a subsidiary, transcosmos’s E-Commerce support system will be further strengthened. In addition, call center services through multi-channels are provided to result in effective CRM solutions for analyzing customer behaviors and marketing data.

Services for the South Korea Market

List of Services for the South Korean Market

Call Center Services

Guaranteeing equal call center quality as that of Japan

transcosmos owns 9 call centers with 6,000 employees in South Korea and provides the same quality of service as that of Japan through multi-channel call center service (inbound / outbound). Also provided are the CRM solutions effective for analysis of customer behaviors and marketing data.

  • Providing call center services through telephone (inbound / outbound)
  • We own a large-scale system with 9 call centers with 4,600 employees in South Korea
  • Providing CRM solutions useful for analysis of customer trend and marketing data

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Digital Marketing Services

Providing the most effective Web marketing in accordance with the local market

Specialists with expertise in the South Korean market select the most appropriate media and provide comprehensive support in planning, mapping, designing / developing, and management of various web marketing, including website, campaign site, creatives, and Smartphone applications.

  • Providing all-in-one support for planning, designing, structuring / developing, and managing various Web marketing such as Website, campaign site, creative / Smartphone applications
  • Our specialists, with the local business expertise, select the most effective media to devise and implement marketing planning and SEM measures

E-Commerce One-Stop Services

Strongly supports E-Commerce development in South Korea

transcosmos provides total, One-Stop service for E-Commerce in the South Korean market, from designing the E-Commerce website to promotion to attract customers, order reception, and call center operations such as after support, among others. With Interpak CS, a large-scale Korean online shopping company as a subsidiary, transcosmos will further strengthen its E-Commerce support system.

  • Overall E-Commerce expansion support at One-Stop, starting from E-Commerce Website construction and promotions to attract customers, to call center operations, order administration, and providing aftercare
  • Reinforced E-Commerce support system by subsidizing a large South Korean online shopping company, Interpark CS, Inc.

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Direct Mail Services

Providing all-in-one support for production, printing, stuffing, and mailing of the direct mail

transcosmos possesses a large facility with the latest technology for quick responses and provide total support in design, data processing, printing, packaging, and distribution. Equipped with a system using a patented technology, problem prevention for printing and packaging processes through use of the workflow and data management in cooperation with the call centers are provided.

  • We own a large-scale and state-of-the-art printing and binding equipment which can accommodate mass print production in a speedy manner
  • Prevent problems during printing and binding, by utilizing “resource management system” and “output management system” with transcosmos’ patents implemented and managing the resources and output in detail
  • Problem prevention at time of inclusion and printing by utilizing the patented system and workflow, and management of data by cooperating with the call center

Field Services

Our specialists support the retail operations and contribute to the increased sales

A wide variety of sales operations are supported on-site by the specialized staff in the areas of customer service, product demonstration, sales promotion, sales, profit management, event planning, etc. in order to contribute to sale increase for the client corporations. transcosmos houses many employees with specialties in various industries and areas.

  • Supporting a wide array of retail operations On-site, such as handling customers, providing explanations of the products, promoting sales, managing profit, and hosting events, etc
  • We have many specialized employees, with knowledge in various industries and areas
  • Contributing to the client companies’ sales increase by providing On-site support for the retail operations with the most suitable employees

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