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Off-Shore Services

transcosmos’s off-shore resources are utilized to provide high-quality, low-cost services in japanese to domestic japanese client companies.

Offshore Service

List of Off-Shore Services


Off-shore sites provide One-Stop total support of the non-core operations in order to make the business operations more efficient.
Example: General Affairs division - Inventory management, reception, general affairs, asset management, etc.
Example: Human Resources division - Salary calculations, recruitment management, employee education / training management, etc.
Example: Accounting division - Asset management, expenses processing, payment processing, etc.

Document Solution

In cooperation with the domestic data centers which go by the safety measure guidelines recommended by FISC (Financial Information Systems Center), the sites conduct digital imaging and coding of accounting records and personal information. The coded data are combined off-shore and go through data entry processing.

Customer Support

Chinese and Japanese operators respond in Japanese through multi channels such as telephone, e-mail, and chat. The domestic (Japanese) and off-shore sites cooperate with each other to optimize costs.

Application Development

From designing to development, comprehensive project management is conducted to provide development quality equal to or higher than that of Japan at low cost. As overseas sites for production and maintenance, the off-shore sites provide specialized development environment with organized infrastructure and expert technical professionals with expertise in Japanese development processes.

Design and Development Support

The off-shore sites support each step of the design and development consulting, sales and promotion, design and development support, and production/installation processes. Under transcosmos’s management, off-shore sites process a large volume of designing work and at the same time realize quality assurance and cost reduction.

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Broad support, ranging from architectural design work to structural design for branch offices throughout Japan, contributing to order expansion by allowing designers to focus on their core tasks

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