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Services for the U.S. and European Markets

transcosmos provides E-Commerce One-Stop service and call center service geared toward the local markets for our clients operating business in Europe and the United States.

Services for the Europe and the U.S. Markets

List of Services for the U.S. and European Markets

E-Commerce One-Stop Services

Provide strong support for E-Commerce expansion in the Europe and the United States market

transcosmos offers total One-Stop service through partnership with PFSweb, a major outsourcer in the U.S. E-Commerce outsourcing industry. Specifically, total service from E-Commerce website design to promotion, order reception, call center management such as after support, and fulfillment are all offered at One-Stop

  • Capital and business partnership with “PFSweb”, the largest player in the United States E-Commerce One-Stop service industry, listed in NASDAQ
    In addition to providing fulfillment service with its own warehouse and Back-Office services such as customer support and payment processing, the company provides One-Stop service for clients’ E-Commerce expansion with wide range of services from creating E-Commerce systems to operation. The total working space is approximately 193,000 square meters, equivalent of approximately 4.1 times the size of Tokyo Dome which boasts the largest seating capacity in Japan
  • Capital and business partnership with “Vaimo”, a Swedish E-Commerce systems solution company with experience of designing E-Commerce Websites for over 400 companies with Magento, a world-standard open E-Commerce platform The company provides strong support for clients’ E-Commerce systems design in Europe and the United States.
    Received Mangento’s 2015 EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) E-Commerce Partner of the Year award

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Call Center Services

Securing the equal quality of call center services as those of Japan

Customer support via telephone, website, and e-mail are provided (inbound / outbound). Delivery options with accommodations for multi-languages such as English and Indonesian are available. Bridging of business design/planning and operation management by the bilingual staff are available as well.

  • Providing call center service by multi channels (inbound / outbound)
  • Providing multilingual service in U.S., Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Hungary, and the UK
    * Includes services by the cooperating companies
  • Owns delivery options to accommodate the needs, and bridging and operation management by bilingual (Japanese and English) staff members such as business design are available as well
  • Offer services from our Off-Shore sites in Manila for Europe and the United States

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