End-to-end support for SCM-related operations
SCM Back-Office Services

Leveraging our know-how on order fulfillment operations for various products, transcosmos delivers highly productive, high quality back-office services including receiving orders, balancing supply and demand, arranging shipments, and collecting payments, via improving clients’ complex operations that tend to rely on individual skills.

SCM Back-Office Services

Full Outsourcing Services for Order Fulfillment

Optimize order fulfillment center cost, quality, and productivity

  • Review and optimize order fulfillment process ranging from processing incoming orders via various tools like EDI and FAX, to checking inventory, to managing delivery
  • Optimize complete process by performing industry specific BPR
  • Develop operational scheme which does not rely on individual skills by leveraging our unique operations support tool which is developed through our know-how built upon our extensive track record

Delivery Management Services

From receiving and registering shipping and delivery orders, to managing warehouse and delivery data

  • Receive orders for delivery, transportation, shipping and storage, respond to delivery-related inquiries and manage delivery information
  • With knowledge of the entire business process, develop required documents such as invoices and bill of lading, and optimize application procedures

Account Receivable Collection Services

Support payment management ranging from invoicing, to collection, to reconciliation

  • Support clients in managing complex payment-related operations including acceptance inspection, invoicing, and collecting account receivables
  • Ensure service quality by utilizing our operations support tool which visualizes the specific characteristics of each business partner whilst standardizing the process

Integrated Order Fulfillment Services

Optimize costs by developing standardized order fulfillment process and introducing volume-based charge system

  • Prepare, build and maintain facilities and resources required for order fulfillment including IT equipment, network infrastructure, business application, and work area
  • Our optimized standard order fulfillment process enables clients to shift to new environment swiftly
  • Volume-based charge system optimizes operational cost

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