Environmental Activity

transcosmos’s Environmental Efforts

In order to accommodate the green procurement requests of client companies, transcosmos has adopted the international standard “ISO14001” for environmental management systems at its corporate headquarters and its Osaka office, and we are working on environmental practices within our company and in our business activities.

Environmental Policies
Basic Policies

As a “global digital transformation partner” that supports the improvement of customer loyalty, expansion of sales and profits, and digitization of business processes for client companies, transcosmos contributes to the ongoing development of a sustainable society through initiatives to protect and preserve the environment.
In line with this kind of basic environmental philosophy, transcosmos achieves environmental management based on the following policies in areas such as business activities.

  • 1. Regulatory Compliance
    Observe regulations related to environmental conservation and other agreed items.
  • 2. Promotion of Business with Concern for the Environment
    We will promote the delivery of services that support advances such as the design of environmentally friendly business processes and the digitization of business processes.
  • 3. Continuing Environmental Enhancement
    Set goals and promote continuing enhancement with an environmental management system.
  • 4. Prevention of Environmental Pollution
    We will strive to reduce impact on the environment through efforts such as waste reduction and strive to actively employ products and services that effectively utilize recyclable resources.
  • 5. Promotion of Energy and Resource Conservation
    Pursue resource conservation, energy conservation and reuse of materials, striving to build a recycling society.
  • 6. Publicity and Disclosure of Environmental Policies
    Make these policies known among our employees and disclose them internally and externally to ensure good communication.
Registration Information
Certification Standards ISO 14001:2015 / JIS Q 14001:2015
Certificate Number JQA-EM6671
Organization transcosmos inc.
Registration Date March 11, 2011
Last Renewal Date February 18, 2017
Expiry Date February 17, 2020
Certification body Japan Quality Assurance Organization (JQA)
Associated Organization Main Office
Osaka Head Office
Environmental Management System (Enhancement System)

Each organization within the company is pursuing environmental enhancement through formulation of environmental enhancement systems, and with environmental load-reducing measures related to their respective business characteristics.

Environmental Management System (Enhancement System)

Principle Efforts
BIOMASS Entrepreneur Mark
  • Introducing “GREEN POWER” by purchasing GREEN POWER Certification
    Contributing to CO2 emission reduction by using natural energy power for 1st, 2nd and 13th floor at Shibuya headquarters (150,000kWh) since April, 2013
  • Environmental Goals and Objectives
    In order to further enhance its environmental cooperation, We have set the objectives and goals to operate its business activities with the global environmental management systems.
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  • Environmental Objectives of Each Group
    We set the environmental objectives and targets in the each department to achieve with PDCA system.
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  • Environmental activities in the transcosmos businesses
    We consistently contribute to environmental activities among our businesses, such as the provision of environmentally friendly services and cooperation with our clients that conduct the activities.
  • Eco-cap Campaign
    We support Ecocap through sensible handling of plastic bottle caps.
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  • Employee Education
    We are raising the environmental consciousness of employees through e-learning activities and transmission of information in a company newsletter, etc.
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  • Environmental Data
    We work on substantial environmental conservation activities by researching and managing the various resources and discharged substances in the business activities.
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  • Support for Conservation Activity of Okinawa Rail
    We support the conservation of Okinawa rail as one of our environmental activities in Okinawa.
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