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Promotion of Women’s Activities

Promotion system

transcosmos launched a dedicated organization (Diversity Promotion Department, Women’s Advancement Promotion Project *Currently a Section) in October of 2007. It has established “three cornerstones” which are the focus of its slogan and efforts as it has undertaken a variety of initiatives since April of 2008.

Imagine an attractive business culture in which women can actively participate!
Three cornerstones for initiatives
■ Ability development and career development support for female employees
■ Awareness raising & public relations activities
■ Creating friendly working environments

Beginning in fiscal 2015, we launched a new “women’s advancement and work style improvement project” across the entire company, and we are continuing to strengthen our efforts throughout the company.
Specifically, we are implementing thorough progress management by establishing three priority issues to achieve KPI, setting achievable target values for the entire company and each department for each issue, putting these into a concrete action plan, and holding annual briefing sessions. By visualizing and sharing conditions throughout the entire company and all of its departments, awareness is being disseminated and initiatives are accelerating.

Promotion system image

*PJ stands for project

Activity road map

Activity road map image

Female Employee Promotion Act <KPI>

Female Employee Promotion Act image

  • Positive Action [Women’s Advancement Promotion Declaration] can be found here
  • Action Plan can be found here PDF

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Ability development and career development support for female employees

We are engaged in a variety of initiatives to support ability development and career development so that female employees will be highly motivated and capable of building careers.

Selective training

In order to form a population of candidates for management positions, we have been conducting selective training for two levels (the next generation and the next following generation) since 2008.
Next generation level: “Career School Basic” Next following generation level: “Career Value”
Many graduates of the training program are subsequently promoted to higher positions and form a pipeline that provides a pool of female managers.

Career Value→Career School Basic

(Flow of training)

  • Start of training
    Video message from top management
    (Current company situation and future goals, thoughts on human resources development, expectations for the selected personnel, etc.)
  • Training
    Independent and practical programs centered on group work, discussions and presentations (Understanding of the environment, self-understanding, leadership, team management, career planning, building of leader vision, etc.)
  • After completion
    Articulating the education from training and future resolve to top management

Picture of selective training

Career School Basic: 158 persons (2008 to 2016)
Career Value: 383 persons (2008 to 2016)

“Career School Basic” graduate network

Opportunities are provided that make it possible to communicate directly with management and exchange opinions by holding events such as social gatherings with executives.

Human resources development programs conducted jointly with other companies

We are implementing a training program to develop candidates for female management positions in collaboration with other companies in different industries, for the purpose of expanding the field of view, improving awareness and forming networks through competitions with other schools of thought.

Lecture sessions

In order to promote voluntary awareness and improve motivation for career building, we establish a variety of themes each year and hold lecture sessions which are presented by outside lecturers. We are actively holding sessions not only at the headquarters (Tokyo), but also at regional offices.

Lecture sessions image

Special measures

We are implementing various measures in response to challenges in promoting further advancement for women.

  • Mentoring programsMentoring with female management candidates as mentees and company officers as mentors
  • Follow-up trainingTraining for female employees to acquire necessary skills to further aim for higher positions
  • Diversity trainingTraining to understand differences by attributes and to learn how to communicate
  • Career development eventsNetworking events with senior staff members (role models), etc.

Diversity training

Diversity training

Initiatives at regional offices

transcosmos also has many offices in outlying regions.
Even at such locations, we conduct various activities, including events and the publication of journals, to support the advancement of female employees working in those areas.

Scene at a “women’s advancement” event in Sapporo

Scene at a “women’s advancement” event in Sapporo
(Panel discussion by senior staff members who serve as role models)

Affiliation with J-Win

For the purpose of promoting further advancement for women, we have been affiliated with the incorporated NPO J-Win (*) since 2008 and have sent female employees to participate.

The incorporated NPO J-Win is a corporate membership organization founded in April of 2007 with the aim of supporting the promotion and establishment of diversity management within businesses. It is engaged in developing various measures to support the promotion of diversity management in companies, such as advice on the employment of women, consultants, seminars and lectures, and a variety of research.
The incorporated NPO J-Win

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Awareness raising & Public relations activities

We are implementing awareness building activities, for example, through the dissemination of information via channels such as forums and a dedicated intranet, in order to create a climate in which diverse human resources including women can play an active role.

Diversity forums

We have been holding diversity forums since FY2016 in order to promote understanding of the need for diversity as a management strategy.
Personnel responsible for departmental promotion of company-wide projects [top management (project owners), PMs, PMOs, leaders, staff in charge, etc.] (Refer to *Promotion Structure) participate to propagate and accelerate activities.
During greetings at the beginning of a session, the purpose of the forum is explained by company-wide PJ owners [top management], and following a keynote talk presented by experts, messages are conveyed by each department project owner [company officers] regarding future promotion activities. In this way, we are making efforts to firmly establish these activities within our corporate culture.

Diversity forums image

Dedicated intranet [cosmos★net]

A variety of information about women’s activities is communicated via our dedicated intranet.

  • Messages from project owners (top management) and the Human Resources Division Manager
    … Matters including the content of projects and priority action measures for the current fiscal year are communicated every year
  • Background, purpose and action plans for activities
  • Introduction of career development measures for female employees
  • Introduction of role models
    “Footstep Premium” Female employees at or above managerial positions
    “Footstep” Active female employees
    “Footstep Mom” Working mothers struggling to balance work and parenting
    “Footstep Dad” Male employees who work hard at both childcare and work
    … Regular monthly updates (Premium is yearly)
  • Work-life balance support tools
    Work-life balance support handbook, tips and support news
  • Event guides and session reports related to career development and work-life balance support, etc.
  • Introduction of women’s advancement promotion activities at regional offices, etc.

Dedicated intranet [cosmos★net] image

External assessments

Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare “Corporate Awards for Promoting Equality and Work-life balance” / Equality Promoting Company Category “Tokyo Labor Bureau Director’s Incentive Award”

We received the “Tokyo Labor Bureau Director’s Incentive Award” in the Equality Promoting Company Category of the FY2014 Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare “Corporate Awards for Promoting Equality and Work-life balance.”
The Corporate Awards for Promoting Equality and Work-life balance are an arrangement to honor companies promoting activities that serve as examples for initiatives including positive actions to demonstrate women’s abilities and efforts to support work-life balance for workers who provide care for children or other family members.


Eruboshi Certification

On August 30, 2016 we were recognized by the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare as an excellent company and obtained the third highest rank with regard to the promotion of women’s advancement based on the Female Employee Promotion Act.

Eruboshi Certification mark

Women’s advancement status data

"transcosmos alone

2015 2016 2017
Number of female managers(Ratio of women to overall management) 68(13.1%) 91(15.9%) 129(19.4%)
Section Chiefs 49 65 88
Department Managers 18 23 36
General Managers 1 3 5
Executive Officers (Director and above) 0 0 0
Number of female employees *April 1(Ratio of women to the total number of employees) 3,828(41.3%) 4,082(42.0%) 4,457(43.3%)
Number of new graduate female employees (Ratio of women to the total number of new graduate employees) 336(66.1%) 320(58.6%) 358(63.4%)

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