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transcosmos Opens “Work it! Plaza Sapporo”, a hiring plaza for everyone to “Find a Workstyle for You”

Attached to “MCM Center Sapporo Kitaguchi”, the largest call center in Sapporo. Creates 200 new jobs by adding 120 workstations

June 13, 2017

transcosmos inc.

transcosmos inc. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President and COO: Masataka Okuda; TSE First Section: 9715; hereafter, transcosmos) expanded one of its contact centers, “Marketing Chain Management Center Sapporo Kitaguchi” (hereafter, MCM Center Sapporo Kitaguchi), and opened “Work it! Plaza Sapporo”, a hiring plaza which provides diverse employment-related services including job search and consultation on workstyle.

Work it! Plaza Sapporo

“Work it! Plaza Sapporo” offers extensive job information regarding work at transcosmos as a contract employees or temp staff. The plaza helps visitors “Find a Workstyle for You” and provides comprehensive employment support, respecting various workstyles for housewives, students, part-timers, and more. The visitors can not only find a job but also receive a variety of employment-related support services. It will be the second plaza after “Work it! Plaza Odori (*)”, which is attached to “MCM Center Odori-Minami”. The main feature of the new plaza is its kid’s space. The plaza itself is designed for everyone, moms with kids included.

“MCM Center Sapporo Kitaguchi” is located in the prime location, only a minute’s walk from Sapporo station. As a cutting-edge contact center, it also has a “Multi-language Contact Center”, providing services mainly for the finance, telecommunications and manufacturing industries. The facility is designed to provide a comfortable workplace for employees, with a strong emphasis on women’s perspective. In 2015, the center won “Hokkaido New Office Promotion Award” for the 28th “Nikkei New Office Award” (Japanese only: http://www.nopa.or.jp/), a joint-program by New Office Promotion Association and Nikkei Inc. Now, transcosmos added 120 workstations to accommodate expanded business volume, creating 200 new jobs. The total number of workstations in the center has become 1,480. Combining BPO & Contact Centers, total workstations in 5 bases in Sapporo exceeds 3,000.

On June 13, transcosmos held an opening ceremony for “Work it! Plaza Sapporo”.

“We are elated to have “Work it! Plaza Sapporo”, the second hiring plaza in Sapporo”, Katsuhiro Akimoto, Mayer of Sapporo City said. “We sincerely appreciate transcosmos’s efforts in promoting employment for the citizens of Sapporo. Including the kid’s space, the main feature of the new plaza, the plaza provides a comfortable environment for moms with kids to ask for advice on job opportunities. We, Sapporo city, are committed to promote women’s active participation in the workforce and it is encouraging to see transcosmos driving up the initiative.”

opening ceremony for “Work it! Plaza Sapporo”

From left:
Mr. Satoshi Ono, Director, Industry Promotion Department, Economic & Tourism Affairs Bureau, City of Sapporo
Shunsuke Matsuda, Hokkaido Region Division Manager, Digital Communication & Contact Center Services Sector, DEC Headquarters, transcosmos inc.
Mr. Yutaka Oota, General Manager, Sales & Business Development, Furniture Division, KOKUYO Co., Ltd.

Work it! Plaza Sapporo

<Work it! Plaza Sapporo>

“Work it! Plaza Sapporo” Kid’s space

<“Work it! Plaza Sapporo” Kid’s space>

Work it! Plaza Sapporo 1

Work it! Plaza Sapporo 2

On June 15, transcosmos has scheduled the renewal of its job information website for contract employees and temp staff, “Work it!” transcosmos continues to hire and develop people who can satisfy clients’ various demands such as digitalizing customer touchpoints and globalization, in order to contribute in revitalizing and developing local communities through creating jobs. At the same time, we will strengthen efforts on improving the environment for our employees which aims to deliver the contact centers that provide “the most comfortable workplace” for everybody.

(*) Renamed from “Work it! Plaza Sapporo”.

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