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transcosmos online communications, a joint-stock company of transcosmos and LINE, releases LINE messaging tool “KANAMETO” which delivers optimized messages for LINE users

Easy to install, no volume-based charge. With LINE@account, delivers segmented messages

September 4, 2017

transcosmos online communications inc.

transcosmos online communications inc. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President: Hiroshi Kaizuka), a joint-stock company of transcosmos inc. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President and COO: Masataka Okuda; TSE First Section: 9715; hereafter, transcosmos) and LINE Corporation (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President and CEO: Takeshi Idezawa) today, September 4, 2017, released its unique messaging tool “KANAMETO”. Connected to LINE@, KANAMETO enables businesses to deliver information which suits each end user’s preferences and tastes as well as inviting the users to the companies’ websites and stores.

KANAMETO LINE messaging tool

KANAMETO is a LINE@ compatible messaging tool available from PC browsers, specifically designed for companies that run campaigns as well as dealers and municipalities. Connecting to LINE@account (service plan: Pro API), KANAMETO enables businesses to deliver personalized messages for each individual end user at the right time, based upon their attributes. By sending targeted LINE messages to prospective customers who have become LINE friends via LINE@, businesses can boost customer visits to their websites and stores. What’s more, by using KANAMETO’s questionnaire feature, businesses can conduct diverse marketing initiatives such as promoting users to participate in campaigns, register for product bookings and more, which ultimately result in acquiring good customers.

Visit KANAMETO service website here: https://kanameto.me

■KANAMETO features

The tool is equipped with all the necessary features to send segmented messages to LINE users, enabling clients to deliver messages without linking to other external systems or databases. The features include a link to LINE@, a questionnaire to obtain user attributes data, a customer database and a messaging feature to deliver segmented messages to LINE users. Its simple, user-friendly screens enable everyone to operate the tool with no advanced IT literacy required.

<Admin Page (for illustration purposes only)>

<Admin Page (for illustration purposes only)>

In addition to obtaining end users’ attributes data, clients can utilize the questionnaire feature - which auto-creates online formats - for various purposes including campaigns, applications and questionnaires. The service is available for a fixed monthly price with no additional volume-based charges, based on number of delivered messages or number of end user data.

■Service Price

Initial price: 70,000 yen, Monthly price: 70,000 yen

※ No volume-based charge per message delivery or per user data volume.
※ LINE@ service price is not included.
※ Businesses can sign a service agreement for “KANAMETO” through sales agents.

<LINE user screen (for illustration purposes only)>

<LINNE user screen (for illustration purposes only)>

■KANAMETO sales agents

KANAMETO sales agents:
transcosmos inc. https://www.trans-cosmos.co.jp/english/
e-Agency Co., Ltd. https://kanameto.e-agency.co.jp/

※ If you wish to become a sales agent, please visit here: https://kanameto.me

■Future plans

Additional features will be coming soon. Among a variety of features, clients can choose the ones that satisfy their specific needs. transcosmos online communications will offer an extensive service for businesses including ones that couldn’t take a step forward to implement LINE for business purposes. All new services leverage LINE-based marketing know-how that transcosmos acquired through providing LINE services for enterprises. KANAMETO is the first product and there’s more to come.

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About transcosmos online communications inc.

Founded in May 2016 as a joint-stock company of transcosmos inc. and LINE Corporation, transcosmos online communications inc. aims to deliver diverse solutions and services that build a better and stronger relationship between businesses and users through leveraging LINE’s platform user base and transcosmos’s sales and development capabilities. Our ultimate vision is to make our communication platform a new de facto standard for communication between businesses and users.
(URL: https://transcosmos-online.com/)

Company Name:
transcosmos online communications inc.
3-25-18, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0002
Hiroshi Kaizuka (Corporate Senior Officer, transcosmos inc.)
Koichi Iwami (Director, Executive Vice President, transcosmos inc.)
Masaaki Muta (Director, Senior Corporate Executive Officer, transcosmos inc.)
Shintaro Tabata (Senior Executive Officer, LINE Corporation)
Yutaro Hayashi (Corporate Business Group Manager, LINE Corporation)
Date of foundation:
May 20, 2016
Capital stock:
¥120M (including capital reserve)
transcosmos inc. (60%) LINE Corporation (40%)
Contact for Media Inquiries

transcosmos online communications inc. Public Relations
Tel: +81 3 3486 0350  Mail: pr@transcosmos-online.com

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