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transcosmos opened a new operations base “Marketing Chain Management Center Sendai Aoba”

Delivers full-funnel communication support ranging from online ad planning to call center support

September 08, 2017

transcosmos inc.

transcosmos inc. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President and COO: Masataka Okuda; TSE First Section: 9715; hereafter, transcosmos) opened “Marketing Chain Management Center Sendai Aoba” (hereafter, MCM Center Sendai Aoba), on September 1, 2017. Located in Sendai city, Miyagi prefecture, the center is the third operations base in Sendai. On September 8, 2017, transcosmos held an opening ceremony, announcing the new center location.

opened “Marketing Chain Management Center Sendai Aoba”

■“MCM Center Sendai Aoba” Overview

Marketing Chain Management Center Sendai Aoba
2-7-17, Ihiban-cho, Aoba-ku, Sendai city, Miyagi prefecture
Number of workstations:
Date of opening:
September 1, 2017
Number of new hires:
280 (plan for FY2018)
Call center services, chat support services, online advertisement planning service

“MCM Center Sendai Aoba” is the third operations base in Sendai, after MCM Center Sendai Hirose (950 workstations) and MCM Center Sendai Ekimae (700 workstations). transcosmos has opened this new center to accommodate its expanding business. Including this new center, transcosmos now has nearly 1,900 workstations in Sendai alone. MCM Center Sendai Aoba is located in a business and commercial area near the west gate of Sendai station, where 80,000 or more people come and go every day, and is situated within close proximity to subways, a bus terminal and taxi stands. The online ad planning service is its signature feature as a regional operations base. Combining the service with call support and digital communications services such as chat, MCM Center Sendai Aoba acts as a true “full-funnel communication center”. The key features include:

■Delivers online ad planning service from the Tohoku region for the first time

transcosmos will transfer a part of online ad planning operations from its main office located in Shibuya, Tokyo, to Sendai and will hire new members for operations in the region. By hiring new members for digital marketing services in addition to call center and chat support operators, transcosmos supports employees’ various workstyles through creating career paths, encouraging people to make the so-called I-turn (move out from urban areas to rural areas) or U-turn (return from urban areas to hometowns).

■Offers a full-funnel communication service ranging from customer acquisition strategy planning to customer support

In order to accommodate changes in consumer behavior in the digital world, transcosmos has integrated Digital Marketing, E-Commerce and Contact Center functions into “DEC”, taking the initial letter of each, and providing DEC services to clients from FY2016. As a leading operations base which delivers comprehensive services ranging from advertising to customer support, MCM Center Sendai Aoba aims at offering full-funnel communications services for clients.

■Employee-friendly workplace

Using white color pallets, “MCM Center Sendai Aoba” is very light and airy. The center is equipped with seats that offer pelvic support which is suitable for employees who will be sitting at their desks for long periods of time, a café-like break room, and an additional cozy space to relax. All in all, the workplace ensures the health and well-being of all employees.

Online ad operations area

Online ad operations area

Call center operations area

Call center operations area

Break room

Break room

■A hiring center “Work it! Plaza Sendai” is due to open in October, 2017

In October 2017, transcosmos will open a new hiring center “Work it! Plaza Sendai” which provides comprehensive employment support services. The center helps visitors “Find a Workstyle for You”, offering a diverse range of job opportunities including work at call centers, BPO services and online ad planning services that are available at 3 operations bases in Sendai. The center not only offers extensive job opportunities, respecting the various workstyles of housewives, students and part-timers, but also provides a consulting service for visitors to find a job and an industry that fits them the most.

On September 8, 2017, transcosmos held an opening ceremony and announced the new center location.

Ms. Kazuko Kouri, the mayor of Sendai city made the following remarks: “We are very grateful to have accepted transcosmos inc.’s offer to open its new center here in Sendai, and are delighted to make the announcement of this to citizens of Sendai city. The new center does not only create jobs, but also provides us with the great opportunity to showcase that Sendai now has workplaces where women also can work pleasantly and the younger generations can polish their skills. Subsequently now, not only metropolitan areas, but also Sendai can offer diverse workstyles for everyone. I believe the job opportunities created by company with advanced technical expertise and know-how will stimulate the economy of Sendai city significantly. I expect it will make Sendai more attractive than ever and ultimately revitalize, restore and develop the Tohoku region.”

transcosmos continues to hire and develop people who can satisfy clients’ various demands that include digitalizing customer touchpoints and globalization, in order to contribute in revitalizing and developing local communities through creating jobs.

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