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transcosmos will open a series of suburban-style contact centers

At first, opened “Satellite Office Koshigaya” in Koshigaya city, Saitama prefecture
Aimed at making the office an inviting workplace for housewives, the child-rearing generations and locals

December 1, 2017

transcosmos inc.

transcosmos inc. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President and COO: Masataka Okuda) will open a series of suburban-style contact centers in the Tokyo metropolitan area, as part of its initiative to offer more employment opportunities and expand hiring in the area. As a first step, transcosmos opened “Satellite Office Koshigaya” with 50 workstations on December 1, 2017.

To date, transcosmos has been operating large-scale contact centers focusing on busy urban areas and places in proximity to terminal stations across Japan. Yet, many job seekers, especially housewives with small children and senior citizens voice their demands for workplaces that are close to home and offer short-shift work arrangements. In order to satisfy their needs, transcosmos will open a series of suburban-style contact centers that provide easy access from residential areas and potential employees’ homes. transcosmos selected Koshigaya city of Saitama prefecture as its first suburban-style contact center location as the young population is expected to grow continuously there.

transcosmos aims at making “Satellite Office Koshigaya” an inviting office for everyone, especially for housewives and the child-rearing generations who are willing to work but have difficulty finding jobs due to time constraints. To achieve this goal, transcosmos is making effort to create a desirable work environment for housewives and the child-rearing generations by providing greater flexibility for shift workers, including “super” short work shifts. In order to provide an optimum work environment for each employee, the office embraces changes in their workstyles to accommodate their children growing up and other reasons. Employees can submit requests to switch their positions from part-time to full-time or move to other offices located in Tokyo and Saitama prefecture.

“Satellite Office Koshigaya” will serve clients in collaboration with transcosmos’s contact centers “MCM Center Ikebukuro” and “MCM Center Komagome”, and Shibuya main office. Going forward, transcosmos plans to open hiring plazas and suburban-style contact centers in the Western Tokyo area, Chiba area and Kanagawa area, aiming at offering more work environments and expanding hiring in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

transcosmos continues to hire and develop people who can satisfy clients’ various demands that include digitalizing customer touchpoints and globalization, in order to contribute in revitalizing and developing local communities through creating jobs. At the same time, it will strengthen efforts on improving the environment for employees.

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