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Mitsubishi Aircraft

Active acquisition of incidental operations related to design and development. Contributing to the prevention of development delays by allowing designers to focus on core operations.

Challenge Challenge

To reduce the incidental operation man-hours of the designers in design and development

Results Results

  • Reduction of designer man-hours for support of incidental operations by active acquisition of the work
  • Ensure support quality through continuous improvement activities
  • Share the accurate progress status by maintaining the latest schedule

Mitsubishi Aircraft Shinichiro Taura

Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation
Engineering Division
Engineering Administration
Vice President
Shinichiro Taura
* Information shown, including job title, is as of the time of interview in June 2015

Toward a mutually beneficial win-win relationship

In aircraft development there is a great deal of technical work that requires advanced knowledge, including certification activities for compliance with regulations and test-related work. It is difficult for non-technical persons to perform tasks such as the review and assessment of this work. However, because there is a shortage of technical personnel compared to the amount of work, the challenge was to eliminate the incidental operations through quick-impact measures in order to make effective use of man-hours.
To resolve this situation, we consulted with transcosmos and it was decided to build a design Back-Office team organization in close proximity to the designers that would be able to provide prompt support for operations. Since constructing the team, work requests can be made within a few minutes, and we are now requesting help with most of the incidental work. This organization has received a high assessment from the design worksite, and I feel that good results have also been seen with improvement of design quality and shortening of schedules, because more man-hours can be focused on the design work.
From here on we expect that the level of knowledge will increase and the range of support operations will expand by continuing to have a positive attitude. We would like to continue having a mutually beneficial relationship by joining forces as partners in the future.

A shortage of designer man-hours for a huge workload was a challenge

Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation (hereafter, Mitsubishi Aircraft) is engaged in the development of the next generation regional jet, “MRJ (Mitsubishi Regional Jet),” which incorporates state-of-the-art technology to combine the highest levels of operational economy and passenger cabin comfort.

In aircraft development at Mitsubishi Aircraft, a chronic shortage of designer man-hours was occurring due to the huge task of maintaining information, such as test plans and records in accordance with operating procedures and prescribed forms as agreed with the Japan Civil Aviation Bureau. It became a challenge to eliminate the incidental operations related to design and development work so that the designers would be able to focus on the core operations.

In the past transcosmos has provided support for the incidental operations related to design and development at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., thereby contributing to increased operational efficiency and cost reductions. This track record and quality in promoting improvements were highly evaluated from the worksite perspective, and therefore it was decided to outsource operations to transcosmos in order to resolve the current problems.

A support center was established at the design site, greatly reducing the incidental operation man-hours of designers

A design Back-Office team was arranged in order to reduce man-hours for support of incidental operations in design and development, which is a man-hour stress factor for designers. Not only was a system constructed to enable work requests with a single e-mail, but designer man-hours were secured by establishing a support center at the design site and actively listening in order to quickly support a variety of incidental operations regardless of size. Optimal deliverables are being provided by conducting proactive communications with the designers. The system, which easily allows sending work requests to the design back-office team, and the high-quality deliverables are also popular with the employees, and the system is now being utilized by many people.

In order to prevent a loss of quality due to an increase in the workload, measures for improvement of work efficiency are implemented continuously. This includes reduction of man-hours spent on the same operation through steps such as use of automatic tools that can perform batch changes for correction processing that was previously carried out in form units, and by converting work information into knowledge to enhance search functions. The man-hours for support of incidental operations are being reduced without a reduction in quality.

Furthermore, in order to reduce the number of man-hours required for tasks such as schedule management and updates, arrangements were made for a schedule management team. Continuous updates are available at any time even for tasks that arise unexpectedly, which had been difficult to reflect in real time until now. It is now possible to grasp the accurate progress status by always maintaining the latest schedule.

By actively acquiring the incidental operations, the designers can now concentrate on the high technology work which originally should be their focus. In addition, this contributes to the improvement of design quality and prevention of development delays as the latest progress status is always shared through schedule management.

Supporting the focus of designers on core operations through further improvement of skills

Mitsubishi Aircraft is engaged in product and business development in order to establish a global advantage in the aircraft business, and it needs to ensure the man-hours during which designers can be more focused on high technology work.

While continuing improvement activities which utilize its experience in providing services in the past, as well as know-how gained from a workplace perspective, transcosmos will improve retained knowledge through further skill enhancements and will work with full force to be able to support a wide range of operations, so that the designers can focus on core operations more than ever before.

Services Provided for Mitsubishi Aircraft

Services Provided for Mitsubishi Aircraft

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