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SEGA Networks

Earned Level 5 in user ratings for South Korea’s largest shopping portal T-store achieved by analysis of the current status and implementation of multilingual support

Challenge Challenge

Improved customer support quality in the Korean language

Results Results

  • Analyzed the existing issue at the time of subcontracting a local vendor and suggested improvement measures
  • Provided cooperative support with Japan and overseas local corporations to aim at improvement of existing issues
  • Provided total support with the contact center system with 4,000 work stations

SEGA Networks Co.,Ltd.
Lineup Planning Team
Publishing & Marketing Department
Makiko Koyasu

transcosmos is our valued business partner imperative for supporting our game business.

transcosmos has been extremely helpful supporting us in restructuring our customer support system for South Korea, without changing our system itself, and in providing us all the services in Japanese.

At the monthly report meetings with the project team from transcosmos (Japan headquarters), transcosmos responds to our detailed requests pertaining to our operations, allowing us to provide customer service with the same quality as that of Japan. As a result, our customers’ evaluation for our service has improved.

We expect transcosmos to continue to offer support with its communication capabilities which help us bridge the gap between the local contact center and our game management/development staff members, to improve our Korean customer support even further.

Identified existing issues by analyzing overseas local user ratings both in the local language and in Japanese

SEGA Networks Co.,Ltd. (hereafter, SEGA Networks) started delivery of “Kingdom Conquest II” an online RPG designed for Smart devices, in December 2012. Within a year after the launch, the game expanded world wide and rapidly established its status as a Smartphone game content all over the world.

Since then the same contents were introduced to the South Korean market, with the launch in February 2013, and showed the same success in Japan with the number of downloads. With this expansion, the Korean language was required for customer support, and responses with the climate and customs unique to South Korea were necessary and thus, SEGA Networks decided to outsource its user correspondence since its launch to a vendor.

Reports shared by the local vendor were all in Korean, so extra time for translation was required. In addition, due to the physical distance between South Korea and Japan, a gap in awareness between the employees grew, which resulted in a lower performance output. This became a main issue, and SEGA Networks was feeling the difficulty of designing a support system with similar standards as Japan.

Under such circumstance, SEGA Networks decided to implement “overseas contact center quality conditions analysis service“ offered by transcosmos, in order to check the quality of the local vendor’s contact center. As a first step, support in determining the issues were provided. The project team not only had to translate the local vendor’s reports from Korean to Japanese but also to analyze the trends and accumulate the results. As a result, the team was able to make a business design smoothly and completed the business transfer from the local vendor within a short period of one month.

After the operation started, a stable structure to respond to e-mail and comments on the message board within 24 hours, which the previous vendor could not accommodate, was achieved. Due to these efforts, the rating on T-store* improved from Level 3 to the highest level of 5. Furthermore, many compliments such as “improved operations” appeared in the users’ review section on the message board.

By flexibly responding to the message board comments which are unique to South Korea, the number of inquires was reduced by 20% compared to the number prior to the transfer.

In the future, in order to strengthen user support even further, transcosmos will continue creating reports and conducting analysis on a regular basis for improved management, and at the same time, to further improve support.

transcosmos Korea, a No. 1 Korean independent corporation, realizes total support.

transcosmos Korea, which is a part of the transcosmos group, started offering contact center service in 2001 with over 4,000 work stations in South Korea, and provides service to over 100 corporate clients.

Currently, transcosmos Korea provides comprehensive BPO services, including digital marketing, field service, direct mail, E-Commerce One-Stop Service, etc. In addition, it offers services utilizing the fact that it is a contact center adaptable to multi-channeling, and provides CRM solutions useful for analysis of client trends and marketing data.

As a BPO partner, transcosmos will continue to cooperate with various overseas companies to provide total support for its corporate clients’ overseas market expansion.

*“T-store”: The largest apps store in Asia, in terms of the number of registered apps/contents, operated by SK Planet, a South Korean telecommunications company

Services provided to SEGA Networks

Services provided to SEGA Networks

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