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Broad support, ranging from architectural design work to structural design for branch offices throughout Japan, contributing to order expansion by allowing designers to focus on their core tasks

Challenge Challenge

Reduction of operation man-hours for designers

Results Results

  • Constructed the optimal operations system based on the client’s business plan
  • Broad support for specialized areas ranging from architectural design to structural design
  • Support for order expansion by allowing designers to focus on core tasks

Sekisui House, Ltd. Yutaka Amemiya

Sekisui House, Ltd.
Technology Systems Promotion Department
Chief Manager
Yutaka Amemiya

We are receiving support for the creation of valuable high precision and high quality design information with high technical capabilities and operation systems.

The housing environment is undergoing rapid changes along with the trend of the times, and the goal of business process outsourcing also is no longer limited to cost optimization through batch processing.
Sekisui House is enhancing the competitiveness of the company by always recognizing the magnitude of the effect the housing industry has on society, and by providing new value to meet social challenges and demands through housing.
In addition, we have created and are operating a system to achieve total optimization, which involves centralized management of information ranging from design to maintenance, and is one of the concepts of BIM (Building Information Modeling). Since the system is centered on CAD design information, the accurate and high quality design information supported by transcosmos is utilized in various fields and has produced significant value.
It is precisely because they understand points such as thorough compliance, our corporate philosophy, and the level of service that transcosmos is not restricted to mere processing work, and with their high technical capabilities we are able to give them responsibility for structural and technical work in addition to CAD input.

Entrusted with a wide range of design support to allow designers to focus on core tasks

Sekisui House, Ltd. (hereafter, Sekisui House) provides new home value based on a “SLOW & SMART” brand vision that achieves safe, secure and comfortable living through advanced technology. It is the number one home builder in Japan with the cumulative number of houses constructed exceeding 2.2 million units.

The range of work required from the designers was complicated by factors including diversification of housing needs and responding to cumbersome legal regulations, and therefore the load on the business had increased. In order to enhance sales efforts to increase orders at Sekisui House, a shift toward the primary work of designers was promoted, including meetings with owners, planning and proposals. To achieve this, it was necessary to improve the efficiency of execution design functions, such as currently supported architectural design and structural design.

Since transcosmos first introduced CAD systems, which are essential to the design work of Sekisui House, in the mid-1980s, it has been offering services such as input support, training and development, and support desk. Within the design area, architectural design work has been supported in cooperation with our customers, but as further efficiencies are demanded, the structural design area with its high degree of support difficulty will also be commissioned.

Quickly catching up in the business to achieve fast delivery and high throughput operations

The weekly work flow for designers begins with visits to owners, and continues with planning, design, estimation, design verification and reviewing the contents of the next proposal. The fundamental of Sekisui House is per-housing free design, and enhances flexibility of designing, to meet demands by the owners. To reflect the owners’ demands on to the design, the designers focused on meetings and creating proposals, and had difficulties in securing the time to work on the final design. In order to ensure a structure for the designers to focus on their core tasks, it was necessary to review the efficiency and external application of operations, and with an understanding of the business content of Sekisui House gained by supporting the architectural design area, transcosmos will now also provide support in the area of structural design.

Even within execution design, the knowledge and technology required in the structural design area is completely different from the know-how that was developed up until now, but because the customer’s business processes were understood, operations were quickly absorbed while taking advantage of that experience. The aim was to improve the levels of quality and technology in stages from the beginning of operations, and with operational management having a grasp of education systems and business processes with systematized knowledge, quality is ensured through organizational strength without technology being dependent on individuals.

Unlike an operator who merely carries out instructions from the designers, support is provided to Sekisui House by our organization as a partner that possesses design knowledge, and by reading between the lines of request contents based on experience.

The drafting of drawings by designers in branch offices throughout the country has been consolidated, and with decentralized processing that not only utilizes centers in Japan, but also off-shore bases in Dalian, China, high throughput of more than 4,500 cases per month and reductions of operating costs have been achieved.

Also, with the start of providing structural design services, the work load of designers has been reduced and they can now focus on their core tasks. As designers attend meetings together with sales representatives and owners and inquire about their demands, more satisfying plans are quickly proposed and customer service is enhanced for increased orders.

Service offerings expanded together with the development of Sekisui House business

Currently, Sekisui House is building a system to efficiently utilize information, by linking each step from design to construction and after service within the platform and centralizing CAD design information for housing life cycle management. With transcosmos providing high precision and high quality design information to the platform, post-processes are implemented smoothly and support is delivered for total optimization.

Going forward, transcosmos will continue contributing to the further development of Sekisui House by quickly grasping their needs and providing the optimal services.

Services Provided for Sekisui House

Services Provided for Sekisui House

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