Integrate databases across channels and connect the data to analysis/autonomation tools
“DECode,” Data Management Platform Services

Private DMP, a closed environment, is essential in delivering data-driven, scientific channel integrated communication.
“DECode” integrates data across every possible channel, visualizes the results of analysis by machine learning and BI tools, and ultimately helps clients smoothly connect the data to external systems including autonomation tools.

“DECode”, Data Management Platform Services

Aggregation Services

Multi-channel DB integration support

  • transcosmos’s extensive experience in digital marketing, e-commerce and contact center outsourcing services as well as know-how on research and analysis help clients implement integrated marketing across multiple channels
  • Offer fully-developed DB environment for centralized data management by collecting and aggregating customer attributes, comments and behavioral history via a variety of channels

Analytics Services

Machine learning and visualization support (data analysis, prediction, and visualization)

  • Identify target customer segment and build / tune prediction model by using “DataRobot,” as well as other tools to learn and analyze collected and aggregated data through leveraging machine learning
  • transcosmos analytics, a team of specialists, supports highly advanced analytical tasks as required

Autonomation Services

Set link to external systems (API link, autonomation, and optimization)

  • Streamline operations and enable clients to have a dialogue with their customers putting the customers first, anytime, anywhere by setting links to external systems including autonomation tool, chat, and bots on messaging apps
  • Help clients achieve autonomation by optimizing and tuning AI and system settings, putting additional value on human touch

AI-related Services

Support clients’ digital transformation

  • Help clients deliver AI-based, next-gen communication by leveraging auto-reply technologies like chat-bot as well as cutting-edge natural language processing such as voice recognition and text summarizing

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