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Services for the Chinese Market

transcosmos offers Chinese E-Commerce total One-Stop service, contact center service, digital marketing service, and IT outsourcing service. transcosmos owns sites in Beijing, Tianjin, Suzhou, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhou, and other sites in China and is capable of providing services to accommodate the Chinese culture and characteristics.
With the Chinese E-Commerce One-Stop service, a comprehensive package of services are offered in one place, from offering support for opening an E-Commerce store, promotion, design and website management, purchase data analyzation, customer inquiries support, order management, and fulfillment. Taobao, with whom transcosmos has a business partnership, other platforms, and own companies’ E-Commerce websites could be designed and managed. In addition, contact center services through multi-channels are provided to result in effective CRM solutions for analyzing customer behaviors and marketing data.

Services for the Chinese Market

List of Services for the Chinese Market

E-Commerce One-Stop Services

Support all kinds of e-commerce channels

  • Provide wide-ranging support from store opening to operation on dominant e-commerce shopping malls, including “TMALL”, the largest e-commerce shopping mall in China
  • Distribute our clients’ products, focusing on cosmetics, to e-commerce retailers including JD.com, JUMEI and Yihaodian
  • Sell our clients products on cross-border e-commerce websites such as “JD worldwide”, “KJT.COM”, and “TMALL Global
  • Formed capital and business partnership with “Magic Panda”, China’s largest apparel e-commerce support company, “Fine EX”, an e-commerce fulfilment and logistics company and “Tensyn”, the leading digital agency in China

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Contact Centers Services

Guarantee quality contact center operations equivalent to that of Japan

  • Provide contact center services via call
  • Proven track record in providing services for over 60 companies in Chinese market
  • Provide CRM solutions that are effective for analyzing customer trends and marketing data

Digital Marketing Services

Provide the optimum web marketing solutions that fit local market

  • Provide one-stop services from planning, designing, developing to operating various web marketing activities for website, campaign website, creatives and smartphone apps
  • Execute digital marketing activities targeting Chinese before and during their visit to Japan to lure them into the brick-and-mortars. Plan and execute e-commerce marketing services after the visits to promote them to make repeat purchases

IT Outsourcing Services

Optimize IT cost by providing one-stop support for the clients

  • Optimize IT cost by rebuilding clients’ IT environment
  • Provide wide-ranging support from planning, designing, developing, maintaining to operating the system according to the system lifecycle
  • Provide one-stop support for maintenance and operation, including business application troubleshooting and program updates
  • Provide end-to-end support for system infrastructure from design, development, maintenance to operation

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Total support of TMALL launch 150% monthly sales expansion for 3 consecutive months

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