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Services for the South Korean Market

transcosmos offers South Korean market E-Commerce total One-Stop service, contact center service, digital marketing service, direct mail service, and field service. transcosmos owns sites in Seoul, Seongnam, Pusan, and other sites in South Korea and is capable of providing services to accommodate the South Korean culture and characteristics. From designing an E-Commerce website, to promotion to attract customers, order reception, and contact center operations such as after support, E-Commerce business development in the South Korean market is fully supported all in one location. With Interpak CS, a major South Korean online shopping company, now as a subsidiary, transcosmos’s E-Commerce support system will be further strengthened. In addition, contact center services through multi-channels are provided to result in effective CRM solutions for analyzing customer behaviors and marketing data.

Services for the South Korea Market

List of Services for the South Korean Market

Contact Center Services

Guarantee quality contact center operations equivalent to that of Japan

  • Provide contact center services via call
  • Large-scale operational framework having 9 contact centers with 4,020 staff in South Korea
  • Provide CRM solutions that are effective for analyzing customer trends and marketing data

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Digital Marketing Services

Provide the optimum web marketing solutions that fit local market

  • Provide one-stop services from planning, designing, developing and operating various web marketing activities for website, campaign website, creatives and smartphone apps
  • Our specialists well-versed in the local market select the optimum media, plan and execute the marketing plans and SEM initiatives

E-Commerce One-Stop Services

Strongly support e-commerce business expansion in South Korea

  • Provide wide-ranging support from store opening to operation on dominant e-commerce shopping malls, including “eBay”, the largest e-commerce shopping mall in South Korea. Received “High Performance Award” from eBay Korea

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Direct Mail Services

Provide one-stop support for direct mail operation ranging from creating, printing, enclosing to sending the mails

  • Our operational framework includes large-scale, the latest printing and binding facilities that enable high-speed mass printing
  • Prevent troubles during printing and enclosing process through leveraging patented system and workflow. Manage data in collaboration with our contact centers

Field Services

Our dedicated staff support store operations and help expanding sales

  • Provide onsite support for wide-ranging store operations such as customer support, product explanation, sales promotion, sales management and running events
  • Our people are highly talented specialists and are well-versed in various industries and areas
  • Support our clients to expand their sales by assigning the optimum staff and supporting store operations on site

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