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Major Initiatives & Results

Recent initiatives

2017 April Launched “LINE Customer Connect”, a LINE-based customer support service for businesses
Released chat platform “DECAds Chat Edition”
May Capital and business alliance with Soft Space, Malaysian fintech company
Established “playground”, a subsidiary to issue electronic tickets and provide marketing support services, specializing in the entertainment industry
Started offering “DataRobot” automation/AI platform, world’s most advanced machine learning tool
June Collaboration agreement with Tradeshift Japan Inc., provider of “Tradeshift” global electronic trading platform
July Brought “Taylor Stitch”, a San Francisco based apparel brand to Japan. Taylor Stitch delivers custom-made shirts as well as made-to-order items by using crowdfunding
August “DECAds Chat Edition for Cloud Working” customer support service without phone lines—a new workstyle in the age of cloud services
Increased the capacity of BPO Center Okinawa to accommodate growth of engineering business
Launched “AI Total Solution Services” to support interactive AI deployment and operation
September Established AI laboratory “Communication Science Lab”, which specializes in communication
Established “me&stars” to sell live premium content about influential people
Established new company, Dentsu Digital Drive Inc., in alliance with Dentsu Digital Inc.
Communication Science Lab with transcosmos, developed “AI Copywriter KOTOBA TAKUMI” (beta version)
Released a BIM total service package, “to BIM”, with Applied Technology
Expanded our European BPO and call center network to foster global expansion of Asian client companies
Future initiatives

Our group of companies will further enhance systems to provide integrated outsourcing services that can support both sales expansion and cost optimization, which are business challenges for companies today. In particular, we will work to strengthen our operating bases in international markets, focusing on Asia where a large future demand is expected, and in the BPO business field where streamlining and cost optimization in business operations are promising.

From the perspective of sales expansion for businesses, while there is little sense of hope for expansion of domestic demand, business development in the Asia region with its high level of economic vitality is considered to be an important point for companies. Our group of companies has already enhanced its global operational base by moving into the Asia region with a focus on China and South Korea, but we will continue to further strengthen our global framework to prepare for increased demand in the future.

Also from the perspective of cost optimization, we will strive to establish a framework that can provide BPO services with both near-shore (rural development) and off-shore (overseas development). An increasingly tough competitive environment is envisioned with the future expansion of the BPO market, but we will strive to create a system that can offer services with greater cost competitiveness.

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International business development

  • 1988  30 year track record starting with entry into the U.S. market
  • Active development focused on Asia
1988 USA transcosmos America established
1989 USA San Francisco office established
1990 USA Los Angeles office established
1995 China transcosmos Information Creative (China) Co., Ltd., off-shore development company in China incorporated
2000 Korea Capital alliance with Inwoo Tech, call center company in South Korea
2001 Korea CIC Korea, call center company in South Korea incorporated
2004 Thailand Capital alliance with Mitsiam Tele-Services Co., Ltd (now transcosmos (Thailand)), call center company in Thailand
2005 China transcosmos Information Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., off-shore data entry company in China incorporated
2006 China transcosmos Design Development (Dalian) Co., Ltd., off-shore design support company in China incorporated
China transcosmos CC China, China call center company incorporated
2007 China transcosmos Information Systems (Benxi) Co., Ltd., off-shore data entry company in China incorporated
Korea Capital alliance with eMnet, internet advertising company in South Korea
China Capital alliance with TENSYN Interactive (now Beijing Tensyn Digital Marketing Technology Joint Stock Company), internet advertising company in China
2008 China Suzhou transcosmos Information Creative Co., Ltd., off-shore development company in China incorporated
2009 Korea Consolidation of CIC Korea and Inwoo Tech (now transcosmos Korea), call center subsidiary in South Korea
2010 China transcosmos business service outsourcing suzhou Co., Ltd., shared service company in China incorporated
2012 USA Capital alliance with Geary LSF Group, US and European based full-service interactive digital agency
China Receives shares from Kokuyo for Kokuyo’s China BPO subsidiary
Korea Acquires a call center subsidiary of Interpark, major South Korean internet shopping company
2013 USA Capital alliance with PFSweb, major US end-to-end E-Commerce outsourcing provider
Indonesia PT. transcosmos Indonesia, call center service company in Indonesia incorporated
Indonesia Capital alliance with PT.BERRYBENKA, leading fashion E-Commerce business in Indonesia
Philippines transcosmos Asia Philippine, Inc., BPO service company in Philippine incorporated
2014 Vietnam transcosmos Vietnam co., ltd., off-shore BPO service company in Vietnam incorporated
Thailand Capital alliance with Ookbee Company Limited, the largest eBook store in ASEAN
China Capital alliance with UNQ (Shanghai) Supply Chain Management Co.,Ltd., one of largest E-Commerce distributor in China
Malaysia TRANSCOSMOS (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD., business process outsourcing services company in Malaysia incorporated
UK TRANSCOSMOS (UK) LIMITED, BPO service company in Europe incorporated
Vietnam transcosmos Technologic Arts Co., Ltd., E-Commerce site production/smartphone apps development company in Vietnam incorporated
Thailand ASEAN region HQ Office Established in Bangkok, Thailand
China Jinan transcosmos Information Creative Co., Ltd., off-shore development company in China incorporated
2015 Singapore TAKASHIMAYA TRANSCOSMOS INTERNATIONAL COMMERCE PTE. LTD., wholesale and retail business company incorporated
Thailand Capital alliance with SAHA GROUP, major conglomerate in Thailand
Philippines MetroDeal Co., Ltd.(now transcosmos artus company limited), daily deal site management company in Philippine incorporated
China Capital alliance with Shandong Ya Nuoda E-Commerce Co., Ltd.(Abbreviation: Magic Panda), E-Commerce supporting service provider expertise in apparels in China
Vietnam Capital alliance with Hotdeal Co., ltd., the largest daily deal E-Commerce site operating company in Vietnam
Sweden Capital alliance with VAIMO AB, a E-Commerce solutions provider in Sweden
Singapore Capital alliance with Anchanto Pte Ltd, E-Commerce fulfillment company in Singapore
Malaysia Capital alliance with INTERBASE RESOURCES SDN.BHD., the largest E-Commerce marketplace management company
2016 China Opened “transcosmos Global Flagship Store” on KJT.com, a Chinese Cross-Border E-Commerce Shopping Mall
EUROPE Obtained exclusive sales representation rights for MTG’s SIXPAD in Europe
EUROPE/ASEAN Merlin Information Systems Group(now transcosmos Information Systems Limited), BPO company in United Kingdom became subsidiary
EUROPE/ASEAN SOCIAL GEAR PTE LTD, social media operation supporting company became subsidiary
Taiwan transcosmos Taiwan Inc., BPO service company in Taiwan incorporated
Brazil Capital alliance with Infracommerce Ltd., an E-Commerce one-stop service company in Brazil
USA Digital Operative Inc., a Digital Agency in the U.S. became subsidiary
2017 USA Formed capital alliance with Reply, Inc., a U.S. company providing a platform for building and managing bot
Malaysia Capital alliance with Soft Space Sdn Bhd, a fintech company in Malaysia

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