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News & Topics



transcosmos acquires Digital Operative, a Digital Agency in the U.S.

transcosmos inc. made Digital Operative Inc., a digital agency in the U.S., its subsidiary through its existing subsidiary, transcosmos America Inc.



transcosmos Forms Capital and Business Alliance with Infracommmerce, an E-Commerce One-Stop Services Provider in Brazil

transcosmos inc. formed capital and business alliance with Infracommerce Ltd., an e-commerce one-stop services provider in Brazil.



transcosmos Wins “Office Environment Award” in “Contact Center Award 2016”

transcosmos inc. received “Office Environment Award”, an award for contact center which is equipped with superior facilities and systems, in “Contact Center Award 2016” sponsored by Call Center JAPAN Editorial Department, RIC TELECOM CO.,Ltd.



transcosmos Becomes Sales & Operational Partner of “LINE Customer Connect”, a LINE-based Customer Support Service for Businesses

transcosmos inc. today announced that the company has become the sales and operational partner of “LINE Customer Connect”, the LINE-based customer support service for businesses which has been released by LINE Corporation, on November 16.



Nihon Chokuhan Releases “NOMU TRE JELLY”

transcosmos inc. announced that Nihon Chokuhan, a mail-order brand under transcosmos, released “NOMU TRE JELLY” today.



transcosmos Holds Opening Ceremony for its New Taiwan Office

transcosmos inc. on Friday November 4, 2016, held an opening ceremony for transcosmos Taiwan inc., the new overseas subsidiary founded and commenced operation this August.



transcosmos to release “E-Commerce Service for Messaging Apps”, allowing users to complete purchase from product selection, order to payment on LINE Talk

transcosmos inc. today announced that the company has developed an end-to-end framework for users to complete product purchase from selecting product, placing order to making payment on LINE Talk and will release the service, “E-Commerce Service for Messaging Apps”, this coming December.



transcosmos Develops 360 Panorama VR App “UNITED ARROWS ROPPONGI 360° VR” Delivers Virtual Experience of UNITED ARROWS ROPPONGI HILLS Store

transcosmos inc. today launched the 360° Panorama VR app, which delivers virtual experience of ROPPONGI HILLS flagship store of “UNITED ARROWS”, the major brand of UNITED ARROWS LTD.



transcosmos Delivers “Omni-Channel Support Powered by LINE Business Connect” for ROHTO Pharmaceutical

transcosmos inc. provides “Omni-Channel Support Powered by LINE Business Connect” for ROHTO Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and launched the service today.



transcosmos Expands its Malaysia office, Establishes New Operational Base with 300 seats

transcosmos inc. cerebrated the renewal opening of TRANSCOSMOS(MALAYSIA) SDN BHD on October 12. Since its establishment in 2014, transcosmos Malaysia has been successfully growing its business and now has expanded its office.



transcosmos Supports TOPLOG, a Fashion Media Apps Operator, in Developing Website Using Progressive Web Apps Technology

transcosmos inc. supported TOPLOG co., ltd., a fashion media app operator, in developing the website using “Progressive Web Apps”



transcosmos Launches Cross-Border Sales App, leveraging its own Platform

transcosmos inc. launched an app for cross-border sales, leveraging the company’s own platform.



transcosmos Opens “transcosmos Global Flagship Store” within “”, the Largest Direct Sales model E-Commerce Marketplace in China

transcosmos inc. opened “transcosmos Global Flagship Store” on “JD Worldwide”, a cross-border e-commerce website for Chinese market and an affiliate of China’s leading e-commerce marketplace “”, operated by, Inc.



transcosmos Opens “Marketing Chain Management Center Oita” in Oita City, Oita Prefecture

transcosmos inc. opened “Marketing Chain Management Center Oita”, its 51st operational base in Japan, in Oita city, Oita prefecture, and held opening ceremony on October 3.



transcosmos and feedforce Offer New Service which Supports “Official Web App”

transcosmos inc., in collaboration with feedforce Inc. launched a new service which supports “Official Web App”, offered by LINE, for website service operators.



transcosmos Releases “Contact-Link for V-IVR”, a Smartphone Optimized Visual IVR Service

transcosmos inc. released “Contact-Link for V-IVR”, a new visual IVR service optimized for smartphone.



transcosmos analytics Appoints Masayuki Kakio to its Corporate Advisor

transcosmos analytics Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of transcosmos inc. announced that the company has appointed Masayuki Kakio, a former General Manager at JADMA to its corporate advisor.



transcosmos Establishes transcosmos Taiwan

transcosmos inc. established transcosmos Taiwan inc. as its new global base and launched its operation in August 2016.



transcosmos Held 10 th Anniversary Ceremony of “transcosmos Design Development (Dalian) Co., Ltd.”

transcosmos inc. held a 10 th anniversary ceremony of transcosmos Design Development (Dalian) Co., Ltd., its wholly-owned subsidiary which provides business process outsourcing services mainly for design support and corporate back-office such as administration, accounting and human resources, in China.



transcosmos China Cerebrates the 10th Anniversary in Shanghai

Shanghai transcosmos Marketing Services Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of transcosmos inc., held a ceremony to commemorate the 10th anniversary of its foundation on September 8, 2016, in Shanghai.


transcosmos Receives the Highest Level Certification (L-boshi Certification) from MHLW As a Company which Excels in Promoting Women in the Workplace

transcosmos inc., has awarded the highest level certification, the 3 star, from the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare for its excellence in promoting women in the workplace, under the “Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace”, as of August 30, 2016.



transcosmos Launches “Omni-Channel Support powered by LINE Business Connect”, a customer communication service utilizing LINE Business Connect, in Thailand

transcosmos inc. launches a customer communication service in Thailand, utilizing LINE Business Connect, a service offered by LINE Corporation.



Seven-Eleven and transcosmos Launch “Store Support Service” in English & Chinese for 7-Eleven Stores

Seven-Eleven Japan Co., Ltd. and transcosmos inc. will jointly launch “Store Support Service” in English and Chinese languages in addition to Japanese service for 7-Eleven stores starting on Thursday, September 1, 2016.



transcosmos Forms Capital and Business Partnership with STYLER, a Developer and Operator of Chat-Based O2O Commerce App, Focusing on Apparel Industry

transcosmos inc. forms capital and business partnership with STYLER Inc., a company which develops and operates an application which support chat-based O2O commerce.



transcosmos Launches Video Chat Service

transcosmos inc. launches a WebRTC video chat service after signing an agency agreement for “Moshi Moshi Interactive”, a WebRTC customer service solution provided by NEURONET Inc.



transcosmos Upgrades “QICTO”, a Call Monitoring Service

transcosmos inc. upgrades the outputs and the dedicated system for “QICTO”, a call monitoring service co-developed by transcosmos and transcosmos analytics Inc., the company’s subsidiary which specializes in research and analytics.



transcosmos to Launch Messaging app / Bot Customer Communication Services With a Special Team of Over 100 AI Strategists

transcosmos inc. announced that it will implement bot-based service for its customer communication services via messenger apps including LINE and Facebook Messenger.



transcosmos Wins “Oracle Excellence Awards 2016”

transcosmos inc. received “Oracle Excellence Award Specialized Partner of the Year: CX Cloud – Japan” at “Oracle Excellence Awards 2016” held by Oracle Corporation Japan, on July 7th, 2016.



transcosmos Holds Signing Ceremony to Build “Marketing Chain Management Center Oita”

transcosmos inc. today held a ceremony marking the signature of contract to build new “Marketing Chain Management Center Oita”, together with Oita prefecture and the city.



transcosmos Now Supports “Salesforce Marketing Cloud”, One to One Marketing Platform Offered by Salesforce

transcosmos inc. now provides its services for “Salesforce Marketing Cloud”, the One to One marketing platform developed and offered by Salesforce.



transcosmos Launches Segment-Based Targeting Service Utilizing LINE Business Connect

transcosmos inc. launches customer segment targeting service with using LINE Business Connect.


transcosmos Joins Nippon CSIRT Association

transcosmos inc. becomes a member of Nippon Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) Association effective as of July 1st, 2016.



transcosmos Establishes New Service Base “Marketing Chain Management Center Kobe”

transcosmos inc. established its new service base, “Marketing Chain Management Center Kobe” in Kobe city, Hyogo prefecture and held an opening ceremony today.



transcosmos Releases Startup Kit for VR Promo Using 360 Panoramic Images

transcosmos inc. releases “360 VR Contents Startup Kit”.



transcosmos Wins Naming Rights for Nagasaki Athletic Stadium

transcosmos inc. has won naming rights for Nagasaki Athletic Stadium chosen from among the public.



transcosmos Increases Its Stake in UNQ, the Leading E-Commerce Distributor in China to Strengthen Capital & Business Alliance with the Company

transcosmos inc. entered into a definitive agreement with UNQ (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. to make additional investment in UNQ and enhancement of capital and business alliance with the company.



transcosmos Expands “BPO Center Nagasaki”, One of Its BPO Service Bases

transcosmos inc. expands “BPO Center Nagasaki”, one of its service bases, to support expanding needs for its BPO services.



transcosmos Becomes The First in Japan to Implement “Sprinklr”, Offered by Sprinklr, Inc., As an Ads Agency for Twitter Ads Distribution

transcosmos inc. implements “Sprinklr”, an integrated social management platform developed by Sprinklr, Inc., as an ads agency for the first time in Japan and launches Twitter ads service leveraging social listening on Twitter in real time.



transcosmos Launches Customer Communication Service using Facebook Messenger

transcosmos inc. releases a new business-to-customer communication service using Facebook Messenger.



transcosmos Offers “Gotcha!mall”, Smartphone Omni-channel Platform, in Thailand

transcosmos inc. provides “Gotcha!mall”, a smartphone omni-channel platform provided by Grand Design Co., Ltd., in Thailand through its subsidiary transcosmos (Thailand) Co., Ltd.



transcosmos Acquires 100% Ownership of Social Gear, a Social Media Operational Support Company

transcosmos inc. has made additional investment in SOCIAL GEAR PTE LTD, a company which provides social media operational support, and acquired 100% ownership of the company.



SOCIAL GEAR selected as a member of Facebook Marketing Partner Program with “Ad Technology” Specialty as the second specialty following the one of “Community Management”

SOCIAL GEAR PTE LTD, a group company of transcosmos inc., has been selected as a member of the Facebook® Marketing Partner program with “Ad Technology”.



transcosmos Acquires Merlin to accelerate European and US BPO/Call Center Business

transcosmos inc. and Merlin Information Systems Group Limited, a British BPO company, have agreed for transcosmos to increase its investment and acquire 85% of the companies stock.



transcosmos Expands Its Business Base to 15 Offices Along with Business Expansion in South Korea

transcosmos inc. will open new sales office branches in Gyeonggi (Suwon-si), Daegu (Daegu-Gwangyeoksi), Daejeon (Daejeon-Gwangyeoksi), Gwangju (Gwangju-Gwangyeoksi), and Busan (Busan –Gwangyeoksi) along with Seoul City Center, an operation site, in the city of Seoul.



The Japan-Themed “FUJIMAKI hyakkaten” E-Commerce Website, Where the Best of the Best Can Be Found, Opens a Store in Ginza

On March 31, 2016 caramo, inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of transcosmos inc., opened its first brick-and-motor store in TOKYU PLAZA GINZA for the E-Commerce website “FUJIMAKI hyakkaten”, which is also operated by the company.



transcosmos Begins Offering “Geniee DMP for App” Data Platform for Application Marketing

transcosmos inc. has begun offering the “Geniee DMP for App” data platform for application marketing, which is developed and supported by Geniee, Inc.



transcosmos Obtains Exclusive Sales Representation Rights for MTG’s SIXPAD in Europe

transcosmos inc. has obtained exclusive sales representative rights for SIXPAD, “wearable training gear” from MTG Co., Ltd. in Europe.



transcosmos Develops an Advertising Creative Producing Method “Gorilla” that Applies Psychology for Enhancement of Ad Operation Services

transcosmos inc. has developed “Gorilla” advertising creative producing method applies psychology to improve advertising effectiveness for enhancement of creative producing servicesof Ad Operations.



Announcement Regarding a Basic Agreement on Establishment of “transcosmos online communications inc.,” a New Joint Venture Company between transcosmos and LINE

transcosmos inc. and LINE Corporation have signed a basic agreement to establish “transcosmos online communications inc.” on March 17.



transcosmos and Magic Panda Provide Angeliebe a Chinese Cross-Border E-Commerce One-Stop Service

transcosmos inc. and its affiliate Shandong Ya Nuoda E-Commerce Co., Ltd., an E-Commerce supporting service provider with specialty in apparels in China, have opened “Angeliebe TMall Global Flagship Store,” a Chinese cross-border E-Commerce website of Angeliebe, an established online-shopping company for maternity clothing, baby clothing, and baby gifts, on March 1, 2016 and started sales on the same day.



transcosmos to Begin Providing Mobile Marketing Tool “Repro”

transcosmos inc. have partnered with Repro Inc., and will begin handling “Repro”, a mobile app geared marketing tool developed and provided by Repro Co.



transcosmos Reinforces Capital and Business Partnership with Grand Design

transcosmos inc. increased capital by underwriting the third-party allocation of shares and by receiving shares from other stockholders of Grand Design Co., Ltd. and reinforced its capital and business partnership with Grand Design Co., Ltd..



transcosmos Enters into an Equity and Strategic Partnership with Y’s, a Rehabilitation and Healthcare Company

transcosmos inc. has entered into an equity and strategic partnership with Y’s, Inc.



transcosmos Completes a Capital and Business Partnership with E-Commerce One-Stop Service Corporation Emporio Compras which Supports Stores Opening on Latin America’s No.1 E-Commerce Marketplace

transcosmos inc. has signed an agreement for a capital and business partnership with E-Commerce one-stop service corporation Emporio Compras Inc.



transcosmos Korea Receives an Award as a Model Tax Payer by Director of the District Tax Office in Yongsan, Seoul

transcosmos Korea, Inc., a subsidiary of transcosmos inc. which provide BPO services, was awarded as a model taxpayer by Yongsan, Seoul District Tax Office of National Tax Service, in recognition for diligently fulfilling taxpaying obligations in South Korea.



Leonis Awarded Patent for Vital Smartphone Electronic Stamp Technology

transcosmos inc. subsidiary Leonis & Co., which provides system development and consulting services with respect to omni-channel marketing, announces that they are officially patent approved by the Patent Office regarding the vital technology of an “electronic stamp” that can be “stamped” directly on to the smartphone’s display.



transcosmos and Leonis Will Begin Providing “OFFERs Stamp SDK” Which Allows an Electronic Stamp Function to be Easily Integrated into Existing Smartphone Service, Advertisement, and Sales Promotion Tool “OFFERs Lite”

transcosmos inc. and its subsidiary Leonis & Co. will begin providing an “electronic stamp function”, which Leonis has patented as its unique technology, as “OFFERs Stamp SDK”, which is geared towards platform operators, and expands coupon and ticket service.



transcosmos BPO Center Kumamoto has been Certified as Kumamoto Bright Company

On February 23, the BPO Center Kumamoto, operated by transcosmos inc., was recognized as a Bright Company, which is a certification awarded by Kumamoto Prefecture.



transcosmos Begins Providing Multi-Language Contact Center Services For “Mizuho Information Dial”

In April 2016 transcosmos inc. will begin providing “multi-language contact center services” for foreigners in Japan to Mizuho Bank, Ltd.



transcosmos Starts Offering Strategic Call Center Monitoring Service “QICTO”

transcosmos inc. utilizing the performance evaluation indicator structure and system developed by transcosmos analytics, Inc., a transcosmos subsidiary specializing in research and analysis, will start trial implementation of “QICTO,” a strategic call monitoring service which is goal-oriented, continuous, and individually-catered.



Nihon Chokuhan to Sell “Lum Invader Life Size Figure”

“Nihon Chokuhan,” a catalog shopping brand operated by transcosmos inc., has started sales of “Lum Invader Life Size Figure” via television shopping on February 5, 2016.



Fujitsu Executes a Partial Stock Transfer of Shares in Fujitsu Human Resource Professionals to transcosmos

Fujitsu Limited and transcosmos inc. have agreed to a stock transfer involving shares of Fujitsu Human Resource Professionals Limited. As of February 1, 2016, transcosmos completed its acquisition of these shares to gain a 49% stake in Fujitsu Human Resource Professionals.



transcosmos Starts Catalog Order Media Service “Nihon Chokuhan Media Plan” to Provide Promotion Geared toward Senior Citizens

A catalog shopping brand operated and managed by transcosmos inc., “Nihon Chokuhan,” started “Nihon Chokuhan Media Plan,” a catalog-shopping media service.



transcosmos offers “Works Mobile”, Next-generation of Groupware, utilizing LINE user interface with LINE Stickers for Business

transcosmos inc. has started sales of “Works Mobile,” a next-generation groupware offered by Works Mobile Japan Co., Ltd.



transcosmos Opens “transcosmos Overseas Flagship Store” inside, a Chinese Cross-Border E-Commerce Shopping Mall

On January 4, 2016, transcosmos inc. has opened its own store “transcosmos Overseas Flagship Store” within “,” a cross-border E-Commerce website for the Chinese market operated by Shanghai Kuajingtong International Company Limited.



transcosmos Will Pair up with Omni-Channel Marketing Tool “OFFERs” and FreakOut DMP/DSP

transcosmos inc. and FreakOut, Inc. have paired up OFFERs, which is offered by a transcosmos subsidiary Leonis & Co., a private DMP “Mother” offered by FreakOut, and DSP “FreakOut” to start delivery of targeting advertisement utilizing data such as access to the brick-and-mortar stores, history of coupon usage, and history of application views.