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Providing total support for the VAIO® PC brand on its expansion of E-Commerce into the United States. Launched an E-Commerce one-stop operation from wholesale and customer service to fulfillment in three months.

Challenge Challenge

Securing a sales network in foreign country

Results Results

  • Providing total support for expanding the E-Commerce business into the U.S. market, from wholesale to delivery
  • Launched an E-Commerce one-stop operation in three months.
  • Received favorable evaluation from the U.S. media and market due to the effect of the events

VAIO Corporation Yoshitaka Oguchi

Yoshitaka Oguchi
General Manager
Global Business Project Office
VAIO Corporation

We asked Transcosmos to launch a US E-Commerce operation from scratch and we are very grateful.

Our company had been concentrating on the Japanese market since establishment on July 1, 2014, but we are now advancing into the overseas markets aiming at further business expansion.
For our first phase we selected Transcosmos as our partner for the U.S. expansion. For a company of approximately 240 employees without an overseas branch or overseas staff, Transcosmos, which provides all the functions for E-Commerce development from wholesale to customer service, they are the best partner possible. In addition, there is a person in charge for every area of operation, such as repairs and customer service. By having almost daily briefings, we were able to develop cooperation and communication beyond the boundaries of time zone differences and location.
We would like to continue creating new chapters for VAIO in the US, hand-in-hand with Transcosmos as our partner.

Establishment of the VAIO brand PC sales network for in the US.

VAIO Corporation is a PC manufacturer which is a spinoff of Sony’s VAIO brand (hereafter, VAIO). VAIO has its strengths based at a headquarters and factory in Azumino City, Nagano Prefecture, Japan. There it operates a steadily high-quality production line.
VAIO is aiming at overseas expansion of its PC business as part of its sales strategy for further business expansion. VAIO has decided on the US, the largest creators’ market in the world, as its first destination for expansion.
Understanding that is was essential as the first objective to establish a sales network, VAIO selected a sales partner with expertise of the local market trends and common business practices as well as sales planning with the same structure as that of Japan. As a result, VAIO contracted with Transcosmos who has abundant experience in E-Commerce support in the US from operation to sales and marketing.

Providing total support for expanding E-Commerce business into the US. Structuring the sales strategy and management system

First, Transcosmos designed a US version of the brand’s website for the VAIO®Z Canvas to deliver product information, take online orders, provide customer support, and show press releases. In addition, we connected VAIO to established retail and online sales networks for BtoB online distribution and with Microsoft Store and Amazon for wholesale.
Furthermore, we assigned a dedicated employee in charge of branding with deep knowledge of VAIO to handle the promotions and media responses to enhance the brand image.
Next, we started on the import procedures for the US which required understanding of complex processes and business transactions. We handled administrative procedures such as invoicing and preparation of the customs applications and a series of applications to register with various U.S. authorities. We set up the customer support system including customer service for inquiries, stored the inventory at a transcosmos' warehouse and centrally managed information on inventory, delivery, and customer inquiry history in real time, as a result establishing a smooth sales operation.

Favorable evaluation from the local media and marketplace

On October 5, 2015, after setting up all of the operations including wholesale distribution, E-Commerce website design/management, operations and fulfillment within three months, we started E-Commerce sales for the US market. On the same day VAIO participated in one of the world’s largest creative conferences called Adobe MAX 2015, where VAIO®Z Canvas, equipped with functions for the creators, attracted much attention. With the synergy effect with the event, VAIO received favorable evaluation in the US market with various media such as CNET and WIRED featuring it and VAIO became a trending topic.
In order to continue contributing to VAIO’s sales expansion in the U.S., we next plan to sell the succeeding model VAIO®Z. Utilizing our experience in the overseas networks and services, we would like to continue providing support for VAIO’s overseas expansion.

Services provided to VAIO

Services provided to VAIO

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