Exit rate was high on various BAT campaign pages whilst their customer center receiving many inquiries as their campaign entry processes were complex and there were many similar campaigns running in parallel throughout the year.


Integrated marketing “DEC Services”
- One-stop services that only transcosmos can deliver which include digital marketing, customer care and data analytics

  • Linked voice of the customer (VOC) received at BAT customer center with their onsite behavioral history via their IDs and analyzed their onsite behavior.
  • Designed service scenarios and applied high-speed PDCA cycle to execute & evaluate as many as 80 initiatives a year.
  • Improved the entire user touchpoints by offering web-based services and improving site flow, FAQs and call scripts that meet user attributes by using a CX platform “KARTE.” Ultimately, transcosmos optimized CX at every user touchpoint.


Actual results achieved by optimizing CX in a recycle campaign where users can swap their e-cigarette or tobacco heating product with a new glo™

  • Campaign conversion rate up 4.5 points.
  • Number of inquiries received at customer center dropped by around 75%.

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It was critical for us to establish our position in the tobacco heating products sector, a new genre in the tobacco industry. Without our partnership with transcosmos who has the ability to provide us with end-to-end one-stop services that improve user touchpoints, we could not have achieved the success we enjoy today. We look forward to working with transcosmos continuously. Thank you again.

British American Tobacco Japan, Ltd. Mr. Mario Crea

Mr. Mario Crea
360 Activation
Digital Marketing Manager
British American Tobacco Japan, Ltd.

Aimed to improve conversion rate and reduce inquiries by optimizing CX

British American Tobacco Japan, Ltd. (BAT) is a member of British American Tobacco Group, one of the world’s leading brands in the tobacco industry since its foundation in 1902. In 2017, BAT rolled out glo™, their next-gen tobacco heating product across Japan ahead of other global markets.

Since then, BAT has been running various marketing campaigns to promote glo™, yet BAT struggled to achieve a conversion rate that exceeds their expectation due to a high exit rate. In addition, BAT customer center received many inquiries on glo™ marketing campaigns that ran on their glo™ online store.

Integrated marketing “DEC Services” that only transcosmos can deliver

To help BAT solve challenges they faced and improve campaign conversion rate whilst reducing the number of customer inquiries, transcosmos offered BAT its one-stop integrated marketing services called “DEC Services” that only transcosmos can deliver. The services include digital marketing, customer care, data analytics and more, all of which are essential for improving user touchpoints.

More specifically, transcosmos first linked customer feedback (Voice of the Customer: VOC) with their onsite behavioral history via their user IDs, and then analyzed their onsite behavior to grasp the changes in each and every user’s onsite behavior. The results revealed that BAT’s campaign entry processes were difficult to understand and that there were many similar campaigns running in parallel, making users who exited from a product page call BAT customer center to make inquiries about the campaign they were interested in rather than transferring to the FAQ page. Based on such findings, transcosmos segmented users and executed as many as 80 initiatives, large and small, that are relevant to each user segment. Whilst trying to improve a wide range of user touchpoints, transcosmos applied a high-speed PDCA cycle by identifying even a slight change in user behavior and modifying the initiatives accordingly, sometimes halting them as necessary.

Through the adoption of such a PDCA cycle, transcosmos made the entire user touchpoints better than before by offering web-based customer services such as showing a campaign guidance in a pop-up window after users spend a certain period of time on the page by using a CX platform “KARTE,” improving website UI, upgrading content and reviewing FQAs and call scripts. Ultimately, transcosmos successfully optimized CX at every user touchpoint.

Through the optimization of CX, conversion rate up 4.5 points
Number of inquiries dropped by around 75%

Above are the results of a recycle campaign that lets users swap their current e-cigarette or tobacco heating product with a new glo™. By optimizing CX, the campaign conversion rate increased by 4.5 points whilst the number of customer inquiries dropped by around 75%.

With the power of its integrated marketing “DEC Services,” transcosmos will continue to lead clients’ various marketing campaigns and CRM initiatives to success.

BAT Recycle campaign: Service scheme

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