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British American Tobacco Japan, Ltd.

transcosmos provided British American Tobacco Japan (BAT) with its one-stop services, including development & operations of BAT’s next-gen tobacco heating product glo™ online store, customer support, fulfillment and marketing campaigns. By making all-important integrated project manager station at BAT’s office and work in unison with BAT’s glo™ team manager to ensure flexible project operation, transcosmos helped BAT successfully accumulate & master direct-to-consumer business know-how in the new product category.

Challenge Challenge

Launch glo™ online store at speed and establish an operational scheme for the store.
‒ Secure resources for BAT’s first direct-to-consumer business, and accumulate and master business know-how.

Benefits Benefits

Formed a cross-company, cross- organizational team that consists of BAT’s glo™ team manager, the integrated project manager and various transcosmos services teams.

  • Built a speedy and high-quality service framework by securing sufficient service resources.
  • The entire team accumulated & mastered direct-to-consumer business know-how in the new product category.

Service Service

Global E-Commerce One-Stop Services

  • One-stop services that integrate “transcosmos eCommerce HUB,” its integrated e-commerce platform, and operational services.
  • Delivered seamless and speedy services by making transcosmos “Integrated Project Manager” station at BAT’s office.

British American Tobacco Japan, Ltd. Mr. Mario Crea

Mr. Mario Crea
360 Activation
Digital Marketing Manager
British American Tobacco Japan, Ltd.

It was critical for us to establish our position in the tobacco heating products sector, a new genre in the tobacco industry. Without our partnership with transcosmos who has the ability to provide us with end-to-end one-stop services that improve user touchpoints, we could not have achieved the success we enjoy today. We look forward to working with transcosmos continuously. Thank you again.

Need to secure resources and master know-how for BAT’s first direct-to-consumer business

British American Tobacco Japan, Ltd. (BAT) is a member of British American Tobacco Group, one of the world’s leading brands in the tobacco industry since its foundation in 1902. In October, 2017, BAT rolled out glo™, their next-gen tobacco heating product across Japan and opened a glo™ online store. In the same month, monthly units sold surpassed as many as 1 million.

Behind this huge success, BAT faced challenges in securing resources for their first direct-to-consumer business and accumulating & mastering know-how in the business.

transcosmos “Integrated Project Manager” stationed at BAT’s office to offer all e-commerce related services seamlessly at speed

To help BAT solve said challenges, transcosmos provided BAT with its e-commerce one-stop services that include the development and operations of glo™ online store by using transcosmos eCommerce HUB, and all other e-commerce related services including customer support and other operations such as fulfillment and shipping of campaign prizes.

In addition, as the glo™ online store was required to put age verification system in place, transcosmos developed a system that enables the transfer of glo™ customer ID information from the brand website to the store. transcosmos also developed other systems to make the store connect with BAT’s business systems that manage sales & inventory information.

What’s more, to connect all services that will be offered from different locations seamlessly at speed, transcosmos made its integrated project manager station at BAT’s office. More specifically, glo™ online store development and operational services will be performed at transcosmos Shibuya main office, customer support services at MCM Center Tama whilst fulfillment and campaign prize shipping will be done at its e-commerce one-stop center Kita-Kashiwa.

The integrated project manager who was stationed at BAT successfully developed a seamless and speedy e-commerce service framework, thereby making BAT secure sufficient resources for the business.

Cross-company, cross-organizational team mastered direct sales business know-how

In this project, BAT’s glo™ team manager, the integrated project manager who was stationed at BAT’s office and all transcosmos service centers collaborated effectively, thereby forming a cross-company, cross-organizational team. As a result, BAT in partnership with transcosmos, established a speedy, high-quality service scheme for glo™ online store.

This enabled the entire team to accumulate and master direct sales business know-how such as effective marketing initiatives that are based on analysis and utilization of up-to-date information including customer feedback (Voice of the Customers: VOC) received at customer centers, site behavioral history and more. By offering the best available services, transcosmos will help BAT grow in this area which will continue to experience drastic changes over time.

glo™ online store service framework

glo™ online store service framework

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