Boost customer communication

  • Keep in touch with customers after events and marketing campaigns.
  • Deliver more effective segmented messages by collecting information including customer attributes and their interests from customer surveys in addition to customer inflow channels.


LINE Mini app development plus campaign planning and operations services

  • Using DEC Connect - a proprietary developed API connect platform by transcosmos - as a hub, built Kagome LINE Mini app that is linked with Kagome’s LINE Official Account. Prepared a framework for increasing LINE friends and managing customer data centrally, and deployed a scalable LINE Mini app.
  • Helped Kagome plan a beverage campaign using its LINE Mini app, and run a campaign management office (customer service center). Created an end-to-end customer flow for a QR code-based beverage campaign from scanning a QR code on a beverage package, completing a customer survey, to winning an incentive, all on LINE. Stored the campaign data in DEC Connect, analyzed and linked the customer data to Kagome’s customer data platform (CDP).


  • Successfully delivered a seamless, hustle-free customer experience. All customers need do is scan a QR code, and the LINE Mini app starts up automatically. No native app installation or personal information registration process required.
  • In only a month from the campaign launch, received over 20,000 entries and connected customers to Kagome’s LINE Official Account, increasing LINE friends. Using LINE user IDs, boosted LINE interactions with customers who purchased beverages that weren’t otherwise possible, and turned more customers into Kagome brand fans.
  • Enabled Kagome to link and manage both online and offline customer information collected via events and campaigns on a single platform, DEC Connect. Built a base for Kagome to make one-to-one communication, starting from its LINE Mini app.

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Building on its abundant knowledge and experience in developing LINE-powered features, transcosmos raises potential issues for us that we couldn’t foresee, and also presents us with solutions to address these issues. We can compare and choose the right option from various ideas as transcosmos presents us with both advantages and disadvantages of marketing plans including system-related matters, customer-centric, easy-to-understand campaign schemes, and designs. Although we tend to focus on feasible approaches in a given environment when it comes to using digital channels, it is the experience we want to bring to our customers that matters the most. We often ask for transcosmos’s advice on technical feasibility of systems. Going forward, we want to shift our mindset, and discuss the ultimate goal we want to achieve first and then explore the best approach to get there. Together with transcosmos, we will continue to create plans to make our customers enjoy communicating with us in a way that only we, Kagome can do.

Mr. Masahiro Mizuoka Ms. Sae Suzuki

Mr. Masahiro Mizuoka
Digital Marketing Group
Sales Promotion and Support Department
Sales Division
Ms. Sae Suzuki
Digital Marketing Group
Sales Promotion and Support Department
Sales Division

* The comment, positions and other information above are at the time of interview conducted in March 2023

Towards successful one-to-one marketing

Under its vision – transform from a “tomato company” into a “vegetable company” – and with its passion to make a vegetable-rich diet for everyone in Japan, Kagome Co., Ltd. (Kagome) continuously rolls out a range of innovative products making the most of various vegetables, thereby contributing to people’s health.
Today, Kagome holds food events and runs marketing campaigns both online and offline, diversifying and expanding its touchpoints with customers. Given this, Kagome wanted to deliver the right information via the right communication channel tailored to the needs of each individual customer. Recognizing this, transcosmos offered a customer communication plan building on three primary benefits of LINE Mini app, which enable Kagome to 1) centrally manage multiple campaigns and connect online and offline events, 2) deploy a CX-driven process and link data using LINE User ID, and 3) use a highly flexible, creative design feature.

Built scalable LINE Mini app designed specifically for Kagome, and carried out a beverage campaign

To manage all customer data that Kagome has collected via LINE campaigns for increasing LINE friends as well as from customer surveys, and to link the data seamlessly with campaign programs, transcosmos first connected DEC Connect, its proprietary API connect platform with Kagome’s LINE Official Account, and built a Kagome LINE Mini app. Integrating the app with Kagome’s LINE Official Account that offers diverse customer touchpoints, transcosmos successfully implemented a LINE Mini app specifically designed for Kagome.

transcosmos then planned and carried out a QR code-based beverage campaign for Kagome with the brand’s two flagship product lines; Yasai seikatsu 100 (100% mixed vegetable and fruit juice) and Kagome tomato juice. Here is how the campaign works. A customer scans a QR code on a beverage package with their smartphone camera, then Kagome’s LINE Mini app starts up automatically, opening a survey page. All customers need do to get a digital incentive is complete the survey right on their smartphones. No native app* installation or private data entry required. This simple, hustle-free process lets customers readily enjoy the campaign. At the same time, by making customers who bought the beverage enter the campaign, Kagome can now reach those customers who weren’t otherwise possible to reach, and communicate with them via LINE. Ultimately, the campaign enabled Kagome to connect off and online data, and build a base for analyzing and utilizing integrated customer data.

*A native app is any app that can be installed to smartphone and tablet home screens through application stores.

Received over 20,000 entries, and connected customers to Kagome LINE Official Account, greatly helped Kagome increase LINE friends

Leveraging the data, transcosmos delivered segmented messages that match customer attributes, and optimized customer communications. With DEC Connect, transcosmos then accumulated and linked all customer information collected from both online and offline events and campaigns, enabling Kagome to manage all customer data on a single platform, thereby sending the exact information that each customer is looking for. Ultimately, transcosmos helped Kagome turn more customers into Kagome brand fans.

Leveraging the communication platform built on LINE Mini app, transcosmos will continue to reinforce Kagome’s offline customer touchpoints and proactively help Kagome increase LINE friends and achieve its goal – deliver fan-based marketing campaigns.

Services for Kagome

Services for Kagome

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