Increase store foot traffic and convert leads into sales


  • Coupons for Smartphone Users Available in all 183 stores
  • One to One Delivers a personalized shopping experience
  • Raised 20% visit frequency & 50%* average customer spend

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Gotcha!mall brings us recognizable results with a high ROI.

We have decided to implement Gotcha!mall with an expectation that the service will motivate young generations and less-frequent customers to visit our stores, as flyers did before. Thanks to the pilot implementation by transcosmos, we were able to run a real-world simulation including store operations, and this gave us a clear picture of what using the service would be like, which gave us confidence to think “yes, this service will work!” As Gotcha!mall service scheme incurs expenses only when customers use their coupons, no operation cost is wasted and we can actually feel the benefits of the service, which is very attractive.
After implementing Gotcha!mall, our employees and store staff are working as a team to give Gotcha!mall a boost by handing out in-store flyers, putting up posters, and making in-store announcements. It was worth taking these initiatives as our stores are now livelier than ever and these initiatives help us engage with our customers.

Kasumi Co., Ltd. Mr. Kenichi Takagi

Mr. Kenichi Takagi
Sales Planning Manager
Sales Planning Division
Kasumi Co., Ltd.

Implemented Gotcha!mall to all Kasumi’s 183 stores

Kasumi Co., Ltd. (Kasumi) operates community-based supermarkets mainly in Ibaraki Prefecture. It was “Gotcha!mall,” a platform that connects customers with stores that Kasumi considered trying out not only because of its power to attract and invite younger generations to their stores but also because Kasumi saw potential in the service to work as an exciting scheme that would make more customers purchase from their stores. Namely, a scheme that lets everyone participate and play the capsule toy machine Gotcha on their smartphones for free, which then issues discount coupons and free vouchers that they can use in any Kasumi store. The more users play Gotcha, the more deals they get.
Prior to full-scale implementation, transcosmos conducted a pilot test in two Kasumi stores in Tokyo. Through the verification of the service performance based on the four criteria such as attracting the segment; female aged 30s to 40s which generate shopping leads, Kasumi decided to implement Gotcha!mall to all of their stores.

Increased foot traffic to stores and sales leads by offering promotional incentives, “Customize Coupons”

Kasumi had a vision to make their customers, especially occasional, less-engaged customers, “swing by the store, have a fun shopping experience, and become Kasumi’s fan.” The key to make customers select Kasumi over numerous competitors is to create and deliver a premium experience that lets customers associate Kasumi stores with a specific place where they can “get a great deal!”

Gotcha!mall offers nearly 10 different types of coupons based on each customer’s personal attributes, play counts, and coupon redemption history in order to match up each customer with Kasumi. When a customer plays Gotcha proactively and wins a coupon, the user gets more excited than just being given a coupon and this experience motivates the customer more to visit the store. Executing a personalized, one-to-one marketing initiative that is based on consumer behavior and lifestyle pattern analysis at a time when a customer has a strong buying appetite works as one final push to make the customer make a purchase. transcosmos is also taking diverse initiatives that include running marketing campaigns in collaboration with Kasumi’s apps and their in-store marketing events with the aim to strengthen customer relationships.

Increased visit frequency by 20% and average customer spend by up to 50%*

In about a year since the release of Gotcha!mall in September 2017, total play counts surpassed 2 million and coupon redemption ratio continued to grow whilst stores enjoyed a growing number of customers in their 30s to 50s including housewives that come to stores with their coupons. Recent data shows the visit frequency of total Gotcha!mall users grew 20% and average customer spend increased up to 50%, successfully improving overall store performance. What’s more, repeat customers’ visit frequency increased by one per month which indicates that Gotcha!mall generated synergy effects. In order to strategically utilize customer purchase behavioral data that Kasumi owns, transcosmos will continue offering services that mix transcosmos’s cutting-edge digital technologies with the aim to help Kasumi further expand their revenues.

Service provided to Kasumi Co.,Ltd.

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