• Launch the first D2C business and build a stable operational framework with limited resources.
  • Develop a sales system that is only accessible to customers who have been referred to by medical institutions, and which can manage sales by each institution.


E-commerce one-stop services

  • Building on its proven record in the pharmaceutical industry, developed proprietary sales scheme and operational flow, and successfully launched an e-commerce website for Meiji Seika Pharma. Utilizing Shopify, built the website from the initial stage, designed UI/UX, and selected optimum Shopify themes and apps.
  • Offered one-stop services from e-commerce site operations, sales management, logistics management including shipping, receiving and product returns to customer services via emails and calls including requirement definition to customer center operations.


  • Launched an e-commerce site only accessible to authorized customers and which can manage sales by each medical institution with the use of a medical institution code.
  • Assigning transcosmos team members to each operational process and realized stabled operations with a minimal resource from Meiji Seika Pharma.

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Launching an e-commerce site for the D2C field was challenging as it was our first attempt to go into the field, and so we did not have sufficient resources and knowledge for the business.
transcosmos not only helped us build the e-commerce site, but they have also continued to offer a wide range of services after the launch including site operations, back-office, contact centers, and logistics. Given its abundant achievements in the pharmaceutical industry and being a Shopify Plus Partner - the top rank partner - transcosmos is a reliable company and we have no concerns at all in asking transcosmos for its services. We appreciate transcosmos’s ongoing support as we continue to run our business that serves medical institutions and patients.

Comment from Meiji Seika Pharma Co., Ltd.

*The comment above is at the time of the interview conducted in January 2023.

Challenges to overcome for successful launch of the first D2C business

Meiji Seika Pharma Co., Ltd. (Meiji Seika Pharma) plays a role in the Healthcare field under the Meiji Group, which operates foods and pharmaceutical businesses. With the aim of offering a new value of health that leads to customers’ happiness and smiles, Meiji Seika Pharma has been exploring the possibility of launching a new direct-to-consumer (D2C) business with “meiQua,” its supplement brand that is designed specifically for medical institutions. Given that the supplements are only accessible for customers who have been referred to by medical institutions, the company must create a special sales scheme, launch an e-commerce site, as well as build a stable workflow covering sales management, site operations, logistics to customer services to make it happen.

Helped Meiji Seika Pharma launch the website building on know-how transcosmos has acquired through supporting e-commerce businesses in the pharmaceutical industry

transcosmos offered comprehensive one-stop services to make Meiji Seika Pharma launch the e-commerce site powered by Shopify.

Building on its achievements in the pharmaceutical industry, transcosmos built a sales scheme only accessible to customers with a referral from medical institutions using a medical institution code issued by each institution, and which can manage sales by each medical institution. In addition, transcosmos selected trustworthy UI/U designs and Shopify themes and apps that make customers feel safe and secure in making purchases.

Offered an operational framework that can be operated by limited resources

Making the most of its expertise that transcosmos has acquired through successful e-commerce operations projects, transcosmos assisted Meiji Seika Pharma in building a framework that encompasses the whole e-commerce business processes for “meiji MeiQua Shop,” from e-commerce site operations including management and updates, sales management, logistics such as shipping, receiving, product returns and replacements, to customer services via emails and calls, responding to customer inquiries on delivery status, etc.

In addition, assigning transcosmos members in each operational process, transcosmos realized an operational framework that Meiji Seika Pharma can operate even with a small team, serving Meiji Seika Pharma in acquiring and mastering know-how in the D2C business.

What’s more, transcosmos organized a system that enables Meiji Seika Pharma to enhance the e-commerce site and operational flows by reflecting the voice of the customers (VoC) received at its customer center immediately, ultimately raising the level of service quality of the entire brand.

Continues to assist Meiji Seika Pharma in growing business in the rapidly changing pharmaceutical industry

With its one-stop services, transcosmos successfully launched “meiji MeiQua Shop” and built a seamless and high-quality operational framework for Meiji Seika Pharma.

transcosmos will continue to extend the range of services and features making the most of the highly customizable Shopify platform. Leveraging its proven achievements in helping businesses in the drastically changing pharmaceutical industry, transcosmos will continue to assist Meiji Seika Pharma in growing its e-commerce business.

Services for Meiji Seika Pharma

Services for Meiji Seika Pharma

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