Building a global operation system that performs a huge amount of work with high quality and speed while achieving cost reductions


  • Global restructuring of large scale website operation systems
  • Improving the speed and quality of operations while reducing costs
  • High score of 198 points / 200 point perfect score in Team Satisfaction Survey
    *Satisfaction Survey Period: January 2017 to June 2017

Quick and precise “flexible operations.” Extensive knowledge. We felt that they were indeed “professionals.”

We are very pleased with transcosmos for the stable and speedy operation of our large-scale websites that they always provide. We highly appreciate the systems and comprehensive strengths that respond flexibly to our various demands, with a wealth of experience related to general Web operations.

In addition, we feel that they are indeed “professionals” with the knowledge, know-how, and prompt and courteous communication skills that can provide recommendations in response to our company‚Äôs challenges and strategies. We look forward to the future with transcosmos as a partner who is familiar with our strategies.

Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd. Akiko Mita

Akiko Mita
Senior Marketing
Communication Manager
Digital & Brand
Marketing Group
Central Marketing Organization
Marketing & Operations
Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd.

Speedy and stable operation of large-scale websites for many years

Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd. (hereafter, Microsoft Japan) is developing business in a variety of fields including Windows Office software and cloud services from devices such as Surface. In terms of the diversity of the audiences using the websites, it can be said that these are among the foremost websites in Japan. transcosmos launched the Microsoft Japan Web Team in 2009, and it now provides speedy and stable operations for more than 20 diverse websites, ranging from websites for the general public to those for corporation clients. We are striving to improve the efficiency and quality of our operations on a daily basis.

Building a global operation system that performs a huge amount of work with high quality and speed while achieving cost reductions

In operating the Microsoft Japan websites for many years, the number of people involved in the work has increased as the scope of operations has expanded, and higher costs came to be expected.

Therefore, transcosmos proposed a global operation system that utilizes near-shore (domestic) and off-shore (overseas) bases. With this operation system, it is possible to cope with high volume while controlling personnel expenses.

At first, a near-shore system was organized that proceeded with a workflow whereby team members in Tokyo and Fukuoka received requests from multiple website owners and issued instructions to each base in Okinawa for the final check of goods for delivery. This system was changed to one with a workflow that allows all of the website owners and near-shore team members to conduct business directly with each other, not only to reduce costs, but also to improve the speed of operations. Every near-shore team member is thoroughly familiar with Microsoft Japan's brand guidelines, as well as website publishing rules and regulations, so that all team members can act as governance keepers.

Moreover, in order to reliably secure the quality of the websites, in addition to detailed corrective work on huge public pages, checks are conducted for the existence of broken links and display breakdowns on each browser using off-shore bases overseas, and thorough double checks are also performed.

In this way, we have been advancing various measures to improve the speed and quality of operations while also realizing cost reductions. We are currently performing operations that embrace both stable quality and speed, with results that include “0” errors in annual operations and completion of work within two hours for each support request.

Aiming to further improve website quality, including content enhancement and accessibility improvement

transcosmos is not simply promoting operational improvements such as stable and speedy operations and website quality. It has also earned high praise for its flexible response that adapts to the challenges and policies of Microsoft Japan, including the expansion and accessibility of website content. (Team Satisfaction Survey: 198 points / 200 points)

In the future we will continue striving to be a close partner for the strategies of Microsoft Japan.

Microsoft Japan System Transition Diagram

Microsoft Japan System Transition Diagram

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