Develop customer support channels to drive customers to offline stores.

  • Strengthen online customer services for solving customer inquiries and driving store visits, not only receiving pre-orders and registrations for test drive events on Nissan dealership websites.
  • Limited know-how of online customer service techniques and customer service journey mapping requires not only a tool but also building an end-to-end service framework from designing to operating the channel after implementing a tool.


Online customer services leveraging the existing websites.

  • Online customer services that seamlessly combine chatbots and live chat agents.
  • One-stop shop services from system implementation, chatbot scenario designing and tuning, to live chat agent operations services.


  • Over hundreds of customers visited stores after receiving chat services on Nissan dealership websites, making Nissan win contracts with customers across diverse age groups.
  • The successful store conversion rate attained on the dealership websites convinced Nissan to launch the online customer services on the ARIYA member-only special website.
    The service won pre-orders from the initial month.
  • Online video chat services coming soon, where video agents showcase Nissan vehicles along with images, videos, and presentation materials on the websites.

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From the results of our initiatives, we fully realized the impact of the online customer services on acquiring new customers and winning contracts for new vehicles. It is highly likely that the automotive industry will undergo a dramatic evolution due to the move towards EV, decarbonization, connected car, and more. transcosmos has already shown us various new service proposals, including the deployment of video chat services, chat operations services specifically designed for campaigns, and operational services for an integrated ID management center. Together with transcosmos, we will drive initiatives to offer customer experience that allows our customers move freely between online and, not just offer one or the other.

Mr. Taketo Nakao

Mr. Taketo Nakao
Digital Transformation Department

* The comment, position and other information above are at the time of interview conducted in December 2021

Build a new customer service channel to meet new customer needs in the digital society & the new normal era

With its corporate purpose – Driving innovation to enrich people’s lives, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. (Nissan) continues to create new value that goes beyond mobility, to transform the way we live and drive with unprecedented technologies and concepts.

Given the rise of the digital society and new normal era, the automotive industry, like others, now must meet the changing customer behavior and needs for online sales channels, and offer diverse sales channels in addition to traditional face-to-face customer services. Against this backdrop, Nissan also faced the challenge of creating non-face-to-face customer touchpoints, and seamlessly connecting the diversified touchpoints.

Successfully drove customers to offline stores from websites
Delivered both online and offline customer services

In order to help Nissan overcome the challenge, transcosmos made a proposal to deploy an online customer service model using chatbots, enabling Nissan customers to readily ask questions or ask for advice before making a purchase on Nissan dealership websites. With Nissan’s go sign, transcosmos offered end-to-end services from system deployment, to chatbot scenario design and tuning, to operations.

When customers make an inquiry on the websites, chatbots first answer their inquiries automatically with pre-built responses, and then hand them off to agent chat services from the point where customers need more detailed services directly from chat agents. During the conversation with customers, chat agents identify the model which customers are looking for and their living area, and then guide the customers to visit their nearby stores. By creating a path which makes customers select “connect to live chat agent,” then directly talk with agents at the earliest stage as possible, transcosmos built a framework that enables Nissan to seamlessly drive high purchase probability customers to stores. In addition, transcosmos ran the high-speed PDCA cycle, swiftly escalating challenges identified and fine-tuning bot scenarios on a regular basis.

Achieving success in driving customers to offline stores from the dealership websites, Nissan introduced the framework to the member-only special website for ARIYA – Nissan’s first all-electric crossover SUV. Building on its know-how, transcosmos launched the services swiftly, and constantly carried out initiatives to increase the live chat agent support rate and store visit conversion rate, thereby enhancing Nissan online customer services.

Within 12 months, more than hundreds of customers visited stores from the websites
Helped Nissan win pre-orders for its new EV vehicle

Within only 12 months after launching the online customer services on Nissan dealership websites, hundreds of customers visited the stores, making Nissan achieve a high purchase conversion from customers across diverse age groups. Highly satisfied with the results, Nissan asked transcosmos to operate its online customer services on its member-only special website for the ARIYA, its new all-electric vehicle (EV), which resulted in receiving pre-orders in the first month after transcosmos began offering the services.

As a new initiative to further enhance its online customer services, Nissan will launch video chat customer services offered by transcosmos, where video agents showcase Nissan vehicles with images, videos, and presentation materials on the websites.

Making the most of digital and IT technologies, transcosmos will continue to assist Nissan in achieving digital transformation of its business in selling vehicles.

Services for Nissan

Services for Nissan

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