Sell Panasonic Eneloop on “Lazada”, a dominant e-commerce shopping mall in South East Asia


  • Lifted awareness with on-target promotions for Thailand
  • Refined Lazada operations with online marketing expertise Boosted sales by powerful promotions
  • Centralized management for Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam, applying the success in Thailand

transcosmos is our trusted partner, helped us achieve our goal in a short space of time as well as supporting our operations in other Asian countries

transcosmos helped us make rechargeable battery business a success in Thailand.
With its insight and network in the local market on top of in-depth understanding on the unique Japanese business practice and mindset, we have achieved our goal in a limited time.
We are thrilled to make successful foray into “Thailand plus One” and to achieve our next goal in continued partnership with transcosmos.

Mr. Seiichi Akai Manager, Communication Team, Global Commercial Marketing Department, Energy Device Business, Panasonic Corporation

Seiichi Akai
Communication Team,
Global Commercial Marketing Department,
Energy Device Business,
Panasonic Corporation

THE Challenge in South East Asia – Product awareness and e-commerce

Since Panasonic Corporation (Panasonic) released eneloop in 2005, a rechargeable battery product line developed with the concept of “For Sustainable Lifestyle” continued to expand its global reach from North America, Europe, China to South East Asia (SEA), beyond Japan. Global total batteries shipped marked 370 million as of January, 2016. Panasonic focuses on e-commerce, opening stores on dominant online shopping malls in each region, in addition to offline stores.
While building a thriving business globally, Panasonic struggled to grow sales on Lazada, a dominant e-commerce shopping mall in SEA. Recognized transcosmos Thailand’s proven record, Panasonic partnered with the company to overcome the pain, renovating the online ads and Facebook operations.

THE Solution – Improve online ads and Facebook operations

transcosmos Thailand immediately spotted the challenge – eneloop product awareness in the market, where the demand for rechargeable batteries is low. To tackle the challenge, the company first worked on improving eneloop online ads. After repeated A/B tests on blog ads, AdWords ads and influencer ads, the company developed the right creative contents for the market, nailed down the target to lift ads performance. In parallel, the company offered operational service for Facebook, a platform which boasts nearly 60% of the market population as its users.
As smartphone dominated the market so rapidly, many brand and product websites are not ready to serve the customers. Most consumers go online, search product ratings and reviews on Facebook before purchase. Knowing the trend, transcosmos Thailand run effective Facebook ads, posted product articles on eneloop Facebook fan page in Thai, analyzed customer comments, developed ads performance reports, while focusing on collecting marketing data precisely for Panasonic. The company applied the findings from the analysis to the next online ads and operations to make them even better.
After repeating the process, Facebook likes jumped 32 times from about 3,000 since the company started Facebook operations for Panasonic. Now, the likes surpassed 100K and keep growing, winning more fans and higher awareness for eneloop.

THE Result – 300% YOY sales growth on Lazada

Initially, Panasonic in-house team listed eneloop on Lazada, but failed to execute all possible marketing tactics due to the limited insights into Thailand’s e-commerce and ads market. Therefore, transcosmos Thailand negotiated with Lazada for Panasonic to build a scheme to execute marketing campaigns that drive brand and product awareness. Take one example. The company proposed to change the existing general contract to “shop in shop” membership contract, enabling Panasonic to open eneloop special page. The membership entitles Panasonic to post ads on Facebook and other social media as well as to participate in Lazada sponsored, “shop in shop” member only campaigns.
transcosmos Thailand maintains the close partnership with Panasonic - vital for marketing execution - via daily e-mails and monthly or bimonthly calls. Its Japanese-speaking, ad-savvy team leads the project smoothly, sharing local information with Panasonic for them to gain understanding on the market and have meaningful discussions on ads performance, campaign and promotional plans made by the team. As a result, Panasonic achieved remarkable 300% year-on-year sales growth on Lazada.

THE Next step – Bring the best practice built on Lazada to other Asian countries

Acknowledging the achievements in Thailand, Panasonic chose transcosmos as its operational partner for other Asian countries. transcosmos continues to help Panasonic’s business, proposing various marketing initiatives built on its marketing insights in SEA and digital marketing technology.

Services provided to Panasonic Corporation

Services provided to Panasonic Corporation

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