Enhance current FAQ page and make more customers use FAQ as a self-service solution.

  • Add more content that offers information customers need and enhance limited FAQs.
  • Restructure FAQ contents, which are currently mixed up on one page, and make it easier for users to solve their problems.
  • Increase the self-service success rate by renovating the FAQ page in line with user flows and guide more traffic to the page.


  • Help PIP identify the information users need and create content based on the results of FAQ content coverage survey.
  • Help PIP restructure the FAP page to make users find the information they need with just one click.
  • Help PIP optimize user flow to its FAQ page and make Google and other search engines show featured snippets at the top of search results by executing SEO strategies.


  • FAQ coverage up as much as 30.5% from 18.7%, public FAQ content also increased by 156%. Constantly adding the right content to make the coverage even higher.
  • FAQ page with One page = One Q&A structure enables users to directly reach the answer they want. Direct traffic from Google search to the FAQ page rose to 182%.
  • FAQ content now listed at the top of Google search results. A significant rise in CTR (click-through-rate) pushed up self-service usage.

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Among many who offer FAQ tools and operational know-how, transcosmos was the only one who presented us with a solution that enables us to create an SEO-friendly FAQ page based on the results of fact-finding research on consumer search behavior, on top of other services I mentioned earlier. Thanks to transcosmos’s swift action to address our challenges, user flow to our FAQ page has clearly improved in just 6 months after we implemented transcosmos services. In fact, traffic counts and the hit rate for a search term both increased. The data made us fully recognize that it is the solution that increased usability and lifted the self-service success rate. The enhanced FAQ page boosted the self-service success rate, and in turn reduced incoming calls, and ultimately enabled us to support customer call inquiries with a higher level of hospitality than before. To raise our service quality even higher, we believe it critical not only for each department but for the whole organization to work as one. We have high expectation of transcosmos in coming up with more proposals to make that happen, and overcome any challenges we may face going forward.

Mr. Makoto Okano

Mr. Makoto Okano
Customer Service Office Manager

* The comment, position and other information above are at the time of interview conducted in January 2022

Enhance FAQ page to drive customer self-service usage

PIP CO., LTD. (PIP), a well-known company for its iconic products including an efficient item for treating muscle stiffness PIP ELEKIBAN and compression socks Slim Walk, manufactures and markets a range of pharmaceutical and hygiene products. PIP’s contact center has been receiving many similar inquiries from its customers since they could not find the answers they needed on the company’s FAQ page, or got stuck on a similar point during their search process due to a lack of information on the FAQ page and its low usability. Given the situation, PIP was exploring a framework that enables customers to directly reach the information they need at any time, without getting lost in the process.

Most users want to search by a keyword and find answers quickly. transcosmos survey found that roughly 80% of users directly visit FAQ or other individual pages without visiting a top page. Based on this result, transcosmos worked on creating a well-structured FAQ page that presents the right answer in an easy-to-read format for all.

Just one-click to find the right information, redesigning a deep structured page with multiple clicks. Offering a better CX to PIP users

To help PIP solve the challenge, transcosmos offered SEO-friendly FAQ management services that cover everything from creating FAQ content, analysis, reporting, restructuring an FAQ page, to carrying out FAQ initiatives. Leveraging its knowledge of customer service, transcosmos expert analytics team analyzed contact center service logs and FAQ coverage on PIP corporate website, chose optimal FAQ content, and developed an effective FAQ page, thereby enhancing the content. In addition, the team placed a search box at the top of the FAQ page to help users immediately find the answer they are looking for. The team redesigned the page and made a highly usable interface by replacing the “Sorry. No result found” message with a list of options that suggest related questions searchers might be asking, displaying questions with high traffic in the most visible places, and more. Moreover, the team carried out SEO strategies and optimized user search experience. Making relevant FAQ content appear on top of search results on Google search engine, the optimized FAQ page drives the use of self-service among users.

The team did not finish there, and continued verifying the effectiveness of the page and made many more proposals to make the page even better. Based on the results of user search counts and search keywords, the team repeated the process of adding relevant FAQ content and revising the wording used in the content. By picking up high-demand keywords, the team has built a framework that enables users to make organic search with keywords. So, when a user makes the query “ELEKIBAN lifespan,” a featured snippet is shown at the top of search results, enabling the user to directly go to the FAQ page just by clicking on it without going to the page from PIP’s top page.

Creating an effective self-service solution for PIP users

Within only 6 months after transcosmos redesigned the page, traffic to the FAQ page surged to as high as 182%, while FAQ content that leads to successful self-service also increased to 30.5% from 18.7% (source: transcosmos survey). Today, transcosmos continues to discuss with PIP the most appropriate answers to user inquiries based on the results of content coverage and constantly adds the high-demand content. Now, FAQ content appears on top of Google search results, and CTR has increased significantly, thereby guiding more users to the self-service channel. The redesigned FAQ page that covers a wider range of frequently asked questions and an easy-to-find channel translated to reduced inquiries from users who made a call due to lack of information on the FAQ page. transcosmos will continue to help PIP make its services more convenient for users.

Services for PIP

Services for PIP

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