Being attentive to customers using digital communication with the power of LINE


  • Utilizing its proprietary API, integrated multiple systems and successfully delivered LINE chat counselling services
  • After receiving chat counselling Repeat rate up 3.4% Purchase unit price up 500yen
  • LINE message click rate increased up to 17.9 times higher than email

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Abundant experience in LINE services and knowhow of managing customer touchpoint were decisive factors in selecting transcosmos as our partner

We sincerely appreciate transcosmos for their commitment and coming up with the best features and services from the customer’s perspective. They delivered results at speed whilst understanding our policy, which is “always being attentive to each and every customer.”
As a certified LINE partner under the “LINE Biz-Solutions Partner Program,” transcosmos has a proven record and abundant experience in helping businesses utilize LINE features. Knowing their expertise, we could entrust transcosmos with our LINE initiatives with confidence. In addition, their proven knowledge in managing customer touchpoints accumulated through their long experience as a call center services player, future oriented proposals to develop scalable systems and operations framework, and their extensive support services for system implementation and operations were all decisive factors in selecting transcosmos as our partner.
We now know that half of our customers who check our LINE messages do not usually check their emails, which means that LINE is acting as a valuable tool for us to deliver information to our customers. We have great expectations for transcosmos to continue coming up with new initiatives for us to utilize more LINE features in order to achieve our goal of improving convenience for customers and enhancing relationships of trust with them.

Saishunkan Pharmaceutical Mr. Daisuke Sasaki

Mr. Daisuke Sasaki
Manager / Senior Web Analyst,
Next Generation Creative Department
Domohorn Wrinkle Business Division
Saishunkan Pharmaceutical

Being attentive to customers using digital communication with the power of LINE

Headquartered in Kumamoto prefecture, Japan, Saishunkan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Saishunkan) manufactures and sells basic skincare products including their leading product line “Domohorn Wrinkle,” quasi-drugs and medical drugs. Traditionally, their customers placed orders and made enquiries via various channels such as primarily calls, faxes, and postcards. Yet, as consumers continue to shift toward digital recently, Saishunkan saw a gradual shift in their customers’ purchase channels from traditional calls to the internet. Recognizing this change, Saishunkan was investigating ways to further utilize LINE with the aim of “being attentive to customers using digital communication” whilst ensuring the same high service quality as in their traditional channels.
With the goal of helping Saishunkan “communicate with their customers via the digital channel whilst improving customer convenience and satisfaction by making the most of LINE features,” transcosmos presented a proposal that covers various LINE-based service initiatives that include “Skin Care Counselling Services by LINE,” agent-based chat services offered on the “Domohorn Wrinkle” LINE official account, ID link services for their existing members, and more.

Combining auto response by Saishunkan’s LINE character and agent-based chat services,solved customers’ concerns whilst nurturing a relationship of trust

In order to help Saishunkan implement these services, transcosmos created bot scenarios and built a system that enables chat agent services. “DEC Connect,” its proprietary API integration platform acts as a hub for the system and connects LINE Messaging API to “Reply ai,” a bot-building platform by Reply, Inc., transcosmos’s partner in the U.S., and “Oracle Service Cloud”, enabling the system to support Saishunkan’s customers on LINE. Based on the developed scenarios, “Omochi-chan,” Saishunkan’s LINE sticker character, welcomes customers as the first customer contact point and encourages customers to ask any question they have via a casual chat. “Omochi-chan” then escalates enquiries to Saishunkan’s chat agents so that they can solve customers’ concerns whilst building trust and nurturing a relationship with customers.
On the “Domohorn Wrinkle” LINE official account, transcosmos offers agent-based chat services in addition to delivering messages, inviting customers to Saishunkan’s FAQ page, and offering an ID link function to their existing members.

Increased customer communication via LINE Ultimately helped Saishunkan grow sales

About 6 months after the launch of these services in February 2018, Saishunkan saw an increase in most of their performance metrics that include repeat rate, purchase amount, total reach, and click rate. With the combination of email and LINE, total reach increased 145% with total reach by email service being 100%.
The new services achieved significant performances. Compared to pre-launch, the ratio of repeat customers – customers who came back in the following month - increased 3.4%, purchase unit price went up 500 yen in average in the following month, and click rate increased up to 17.9 times higher than that of email.
Seeing these results achieved through the use of LINE services, Saishunkan now plans to adopt more of LINE features. With the aim of assisting Saishunkan in creating an environment for their customers to enjoy Saishunkan’s services more conveniently whilst building a closer, trusting relationship with their customers, transcosmos is committed to executing initiatives that unleash the full potential of digital technologies.

Saishunkan system diagram (for illustration purposes only)

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