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Gotcha!mall LINE Official Accounts reached over 10 million friends!

Launches exclusive sale of “Gotcha!mall” LINE Collaboration Accounts that can reach a mass “audience for shopping”

June 25, 2018

transcosmos inc.
Grand Design Co., Ltd.

“Gotcha!mall”, a platform that connects consumers with stores and brands offered by Grand Design Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; CEO: Kazuya Ogawa), has reached over 10 million friends on its LINE Official Accounts in 7 months after opening their account in November 2017. Taking this opportunity, transcosmos inc. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President and COO: Masataka Okuda) launched the exclusive sale of “Gotcha!mall” LINE Collaboration account which helps clients succeed in their omni-channel initiatives by delivering campaign ads and new product ads to “Gotcha!mall” LINE Official Accounts users.

new product ads to “Gotcha!mall” LINE Official Accounts users

Nowadays, having Amazon at the head of the list, e-commerce market is rapidly expanding. Therefore recent consumers are less likely to shop offline. Whilst the retail industry struggles to come up with a solution to invite consumers to their offline stores, the manufacturers are facing a challenge in reaching a wider audience due to ever diversifying channels. In order to solve their challenge, they must attach newly added values to their traditional marketing activities.

“Gotcha!mall”, a platform that connects consumers with stores and brands offers personalized contents such as coupons which matches the best suit each individual consumer with the use of its proprietary algorithms based on artificial intelligence. As such, various users that have offline purchase intention for clothes and daily necessities and the ones that are keen on coupons enjoy “Gotcha!mall” services.
With “Gotcha!mall” LINE Collaboration Accounts that transcosmos now sells exclusively, clients can deliver campaign ads and new product ads directly to their “audience for shopping”, motivate the audience to visit their offline stores, appeal to their brands, and ultimately boost purchase rate of their offline stores.

Details of “Gotcha!mall” LINE Collaboration Accounts menu

  • Gotcha!mall LINE Official Accounts friends, grand total: 10,281,813 (as of June 22,2018)
  • Post maximum 3 informaitons on the Timelines to the users who have registered “Gotcha!mall” Line Official Accounts as a friend.
  • Offers 2 plans or a plan to invite users to a dedicated Gotcha!mall play webpage, and a plan to invite users to client’s designated LP (*)
    *Available for clients who doesn’t have stores on Gotcha!mall.

transcosmos and Grand Design continue to help clients’ initiatives to increase customer traffic to their stores, streamline end-to-end marketing activities and maximize marketing performance by boosting the value of customer experience through the development of new services based on consumers’ purchase and behavioral data.

About “Gotcha!mall”

“Gotcha!mall” is a platform which connects consumers with stores and brands, developed and operated by Grand Design. With the power of technology, Gotcha!mall matches up consumers with leading retailers and brands including convenience stores, GMS, supermarkets, drug stores, restaurants, and various specialty stores, via smartphones (business model patent). By motivating consumers to shop according to their wants and needs by using the platform’s unique algorithm which uses artificial intelligence, Gotcha!mall delivers active, “Gotcha! (I got you!)” shopping experience for each consumer.
Visit Gotcha!mall here: https://jp.gotchamall.com/

*transcosmos is a trademark or registered trademark of transcosmos inc. in Japan and other countries.
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transcosmos inc.

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