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transcosmos China receives Alibaba Databank Certification

Delivers analytics and marketing services with the power of Alibaba’s Brand Databank

June 7, 2019

transcosmos inc.

transcosmos inc. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President and COO: Masataka Okuda) is delighted to announce that Shanghai transcosmos Marketing Services Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shanghai, China; CEO: Eijiro Yamashita; transcosmos China) was certified as a “Databank Services Partner” by Alibaba on April 28, 2019.

 Alibaba’s Brand Databank image

Being one of the 29 certified “Alibaba Databank Services Partners,” transcosmos China receives the latest information about Databank directly from Alibaba and in turn helps clients implement and utilize Alibaba Databank services in partnership with Alibaba. With this Databank called “Brand Databank,” transcosmos China grasps and analyzes user behavior based on their data obtained through all sales and advertising channels on Alibaba network as well as clients’ own data, and ultimately executes data-driven marketing initiatives for clients. Traditionally, sellers on Alibaba e-commerce platforms could only collect user data from a single channel and so they had limited options for utilizing the data. Now with Databank in place, transcosmos China can analyze users from various perspectives including their level of interests in a specific brand, demographics, browsing history and online shopping trends. Based on the analysis results, transcosmos China offers comprehensive services from planning to execution of strategic marketing promotions that are optimum for each client.

About “Databank”

Before Databank, retailers can only assume the attributes of potential users to carry out campaigns on TMALL. In order to improve the situation, Alibaba released Uni-Marketing with its core service called Databank in 2017. With Databank, brands can grasp various attributes of users who are actually interested in their brand from more than 500 million Alibaba online service users. In addition, Databank enables brands to understand their users’ online behavior in more details than ever. What’s more, brands can utilize the analysis results to plan and execute strategic promotions that enable them to grasp user behavior in their real stores on top of their online behavior. Simply put, Databank can aggregate and analyze user data (online and offline) by which brands can identify, reach and retain their users. (Visit here for Databank (Chinese only): http://databank.tmall.com)
Visit here to find out official certified Brand Databank partners (Chinese only): https://databank.tmall.com/promotion?path=ems/databankLogin/ISVList&hbg=true


Databank services by transcosmos China

transcosmos China set up a data analytics team in 2017, and built a Uni-marketing department in 2018 with the aim of utilizing Alibaba ecosystem and embracing Alibaba’s “New Retail.” Today, 20 data analysts at transcosmos China analyze data, develop strategies and execute marketing initiatives for brands with the power of Databank.

E-commerce operations:
Not only optimizes brands’ store operations and ad delivery, transcosmos China helps brands develop strategies and improve the value of their customer experience.
Media ads:
Improves advertising ROI whilst enhancing brand equity by optimizing media distribution to target users.
Performs highly accurate marketing analysis by integrating purchase data in offline stores with online data, and executes integrated online and offline marketing promotions effectively.

transcosmos China is a TMALL Ecological Partner (TEP) with a five-star rating as a TMALL service partner. Since transcosmos China launched its operations in Shanghai as a digital transformation partner for businesses in 2006, the company has continued expanding its business, and now has 10 service bases in 7 cities in China. transcosmos China offers extensive services such as contact center services, new retail services and digital marketing services for over 70 Chinese and global brands. The company launched its e-commerce business in 2009. Now, in partnership with platforms such as TMALL, JD.com and WeChat, transcosmos China offers a variety of services that include e-commerce store/website development & operations, sales channel development, online and offline data integration, system development, customer relationship management and integrated marketing services in the new retail industry (including cross-border e-commerce) to clients in diverse industries including the 3C Industry (Computer, Communications and Consumer Electronics), apparel, baby care, toy, sports, beverage, musical instruments, household products and more.

With the ultimate goal to help brands grow in every aspect including brand influence and operational capabilities, transcosmos continues to assist brands to grasp their user behavior, develop, execute and optimize their marketing strategies and more with the power of Databank.

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About transcosmos inc.

transcosmos launched its operations in 1966. Since then, we have combined superior “people” with up-to-date “technology” to enhance the competitive strength of our clients by providing them with superior and valuable services. transcosmos currently offers services that support clients’ business processes focusing on both sales expansion and cost optimization through our 173 locations across 31 countries with a focus on Asia, while continuously pursuing Operational Excellence. Furthermore, following the expansion of e-commerce market on the global scale, transcosmos provides a comprehensive One-Stop Global E-Commerce services to deliver our clients’ excellent products and services in 48 countries around the globe. transcosmos aims to be the “Global Digital Transformation Partner” of our clients, supporting the clients’ transformation by leveraging digital technology, responding to the ever-changing business environment.

Contact for Media Inquiries

transcosmos inc. Public Relations & Advertising Department
Mail: pressroom@trans-cosmos.co.jp

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