PitaPre, an app that serves diversifying needs for gift selection, enhances its concierge services

Its newly released official badge feature widens gift ideas for users more than ever

November 22, 2019

PitaPre Business, transcosmos inc.

“PitaPre (literally translated into English as perfect match present),” a gift concierge app (http://pitapre.jp/) operated by transcosmos inc. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President and COO: Masataka Okuda), released and began implementing its official badges in November, 2019 with the aim of offering its users more opportunities to encounter new goods and experiences.


About official badge

PitaPre office has prepared two types of official badges, namely, “Business Badge” and “Official Concierge Badge,” to reward users who meet certain conditions. Through the adoption of the official badges, PitaPre will serve ever-diversifying user needs in selecting a gift.

Business Badge

Business Badge

A business badge will be rewarded to companies’ official accounts that are used by their PitaPre service team as well as fans and ambassadors of their products and services. PitaPre rewards the badge to such accounts that offer extensive information about services and products that only their companies can provide, and that make gift suggestions with special episodes. A light blue badge will be shown next to the user name.

Official Concierge Badge

Official Concierge Badge

An official concierge badge will be rewarded to accounts that meet certain conditions and make suggestions that are considerate to users who ask for advice. PitaPre will reward the badge to various users including those with a strong presence on Instagram and other social networking services, and experts of a specific genre. A gold badge will be shown next to the user name.

*Please note that the detailed conditions for rewarding user accounts with the badges mentioned above are not to be made available to the public.

Future vision

Placing its first priority on being the service that enables users to select a present from a “receiver-first” perspective, PitaPre generates synergies with various services and platforms. PitaPre plans to drastically increase number of the newly released badges in December, 2019. PitaPre continues to aspire to be the app that makes everyone enjoy their gift selection experience.

About PitaPre

“What should I get for my friend?” PitaPre is an app that helps users find the “Perfect” present for the gift receiver.
When a user asks for gift advice via the app, various “gift concierges” offer optimal suggestions that match the gift receiver’s age, gender, lifestyle and gift-giving occasion. Selecting a present is not that simple and most of us have faced situations such as “couldn’t think of anything special, so just picked a basic item” and “ran out of time and picked one in a rush but it didn’t match my friend’s taste.” PitaPre transforms this troublesome present selection process into one that is “easy,” “fun” and a “shared” experience.

Download the app here:

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PitaPre_Gift Concierge App
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