transcosmos and transcosmos online communications help Awaji city, Hyogo prefecture deliver information to its citizens & related parties using LINE

Strengthen relationships with the citizens/related members living outside the city by sending out information that meets the needs of each individual

September 15, 2021

transcosmos inc.
transcosmos online communications inc.

transcosmos inc. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President & COO: Masataka Okuda) and transcosmos online communications inc. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President: Hiroshi Kaizuka) are proud to announce that the two companies offered “KANAMETO,” a Digital Transformation (DX) tool powered by LINE, to Awaji city, Hyogo prefecture (City Mayer: Yasuhiko Kado) on September 1, 2021. Accordingly, the two companies began assisting Awaji city in disseminating information to its citizens and related parties by using the city’s Official LINE Account.

Awaji City LINE Official Account Rich Menu
Awaji City LINE Official Account Rich Menu

Awaji City LINE Official Account QR Code
Awaji City LINE Official Account QR Code

Awaji city released “Awaji City LINE Official Account (Account name: Awaji City)” on September 1, 2021 through which the city provides municipal information via segmented messages. The account also lets users access chatbot services that enable them to inquire about family registers, residence certificates and other certification, parenting, medical checkups, medical care, health insurance, and tax, as well as a waste sorting lookup service, which uses LINE’s keyword response feature.

With the slogan “Build a community where people wish to go back one day,” Awaji city is working on making the community more attractive than ever under the three basic visions, namely “a community where citizens can live safely, securely and comfortably,” “a community where Awaji-local citizens living outside the city wish to come back and live again,” “a community where people from outside the city wish to visit and live someday.” To achieve these visions, Awaji City LINE Official Account not only delivers municipal information for its citizens but also disseminates various information for people who currently live outside the city but still engage with and have an interest in the community.

For its citizens, the city sends out information related to COVID-19, parenting, health and medical care, and social welfare with a segmented messaging feature, and delivers a waste collection calendar based on residential areas and categories of waste on a regular basis. In addition, using the Disaster Prevention Email Connected Solution by KANAMETO, the city can now automatically send disaster and other emergency information to users’ LINE accounts that have only previously been sent via emails using the city’s disaster prevention email system. Disseminating municipal information that is closely related to the community will make its citizen’s lives more convenient.
As for related members who currently live outside the city, Awaji city aims to increase access to information related to support programs for moving to and settling down in the city, furusato nozei, a corporate version of Japan’s hometown tax donation program, and tourism by using LINE’s dynamic rich menu and carousel messages whilst sending segmented messages that contain notices, events and tourist information issued by its public relations magazine, as well as information about moving to and settling down in the city, vacant house databank, and more. By continuously delivering community information, the city will pleasantly connect with related members, which will in turn create population inflow into the city.

transcosmos and transcosmos online communications will continue to assist Awaji city in making a community where people wish to live forever, come back and live, or visit by deepening relationships with its citizens and related parties by sending out municipal information via its LINE Official Account.

“KANAMETO” is a LINE-powered Government DX tool developed and offered by transcosmos online communications inc., a joint-stock company between transcosmos, LINE Corporation and salesforce.com Co., Ltd. KANAMETO empowers governments to digitalize a variety of resident services including segmented messaging to deliver information that residents want to receive, Q&A chatbot related to COVID-19, sending out disaster prevention information, citizen reporting for road and park-related problems, My Number card issuance reservation desk, chat-based child-care consultation, and more.

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