transcosmos forms a capital & business alliance with Over The Border, a consolidated subsidiary of istyle

Co-launch Douyin E-Commerce Global flagship store opening and store operations services

March 1, 2023

transcosmos inc.

transcosmos inc. (Representative Director, Co-presidents: Koichi Iwami, Masaaki Muta) hereby announces that the company has formed a capital and business alliance with Over The Border Inc.(CEO: Osuke Kurashima; Over The Border), a consolidated subsidiary of istyle Inc. (Representative Director, President and COO: Hajime Endo) to enhance its cross-border e-commerce service business from Japan to China.

■ Background and future initiatives under the alliance

transcosmos assists clients in expanding international sales channels using cross-border e-commerce. The company has been helping clients open flagship stores and operate the stores on their behalf on Tmall Global and JD worldwide for the China market, and Lazada, Shopee, etc. for the ASEAN markets. Leveraging its operational expertise in the e-commerce business built on long-standing experience, transcosmos offers an end-to-end e-commerce service from e-commerce site development and operation, order management, customer service, to international logistics.

Over The Border has been managing @cosme Global Flagship Store, a specialty cosmetics store on Douyin E-Commerce Global since 2021. The company mainly operates a cross-border live commerce business in partnership with foreign influencers living in Japan, and has gained150,000 followers within about a year after opening the account. Carrying out more than 2,000 tie-up live events with streamers per month, Over The Border promotes and sells Japanese cosmetic brand items from Japan to China.

Live commerce has been gaining presence not only as China’s domestic e-commerce channel, but also as a cross-border sales channel in recent years. Now, live commerce is becoming a vital channel for brands to enter the China market.

Based on this alliance agreement, transcosmos and Over The Border will launch Douyin E-Commerce Global Partner business by combining their respective strengths - transcosmos’s flagship store opening services and expertise in managing the stores on its clients’ behalf, and Over The Border’s proven know-how in cross-border live commerce operations on the Douyin E-Commerce Global platform. Through this new business, the two parties will strengthen their Japan-to-China cross-border sales support business to respond to the current market environment.

■ Comment from Yi Huang, Senior BD Director at Douyin E-Commerce Global Japan

We are delighted that Over The Border, a company which sells cosmetic items on top of operating one of the largest cosmetic and beauty information websites in Japan, and transcosmos, a company which connects businesses and consumers from the virtual to the real world, are joining our business, Douyin E-Commerce Global.
Douyin E-Commerce Global is a growing cross-border e-commerce channel and is drawing great attention in China’s e-commerce market today as a channel to grow their cross-border business. We have high expectations for the two parties’ capabilities in presenting great proposals and various service options to Japanese brands, and we are opening up a new market together.

■ Comment from Osuke Kurashima, CEO at Over The Border Inc.

We are pleased to have the opportunity to work with transcosmos, a company that shares the same passion with us in assisting Japanese brands in entering the global market. Under our corporate vision – Create cross-border business for a new era - Over The Border has been establishing cross-border multi channel network (MCN) business since our founding, comprehensively supporting businesses and brands in Japan in achieving success in their cross-border business by creating and streaming content via social networking services and internet in partnership with influencers. With this new business alliance, we will assist a wider range of Japanese beauty brands than before in making successful international market entry.

■ Comment from Takeshi Kamiya, Representative Director & Executive Vice President at transcosmos inc.

We are grateful to work with Over The Border, a member of istyle Group, which has abundant business records with Japanese cosmetic brands, and which operates cross-border live commerce on Douyin E-Commerce Global ahead of others. Sales tactics for cross-border e-commerce targeting the China market continue to change every day. Yet, we believe cross-border live commerce on the Douyin E-Commerce Global platform - a channel which is now under the spotlight - plays a critical role as a sales channel. Through this capital and business alliance with Over The Border, we will help Japanese brands across diverse genres sell their superior products in China more than ever before.

【Over The Border Inc. Overview】

Company Name:
Over The Border Inc.
34F ARK Mori Building, 1-12-43, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-6034, Japan
Date of Foundation:
September 10, 2020
CEO Osuke Kurashima
Management of cross-border MCN (Multi Channel Network)
Corporate Website:
https://overtheborder.istyle.co.jp(content in Japanese language only)

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