transcosmos collaborates with TOKYO FM! Holds a public radio recording event, making audience enjoy the show via the senses of sound, sight, and smell in the metaverse world

For the first time in its history, TOKYO FM broadcasts an innovative show towards achieving DX in the media world, evolving the way to connect with its listeners

August 24, 2023

transcosmos inc.

transcosmos inc. (Representative Director, Co-presidents: Masaaki Muta, Takeshi Kamiya) is proud to announce that the company has collaborated with TOKYO FM in a public radio show recording, a show that lets the audience enjoy the show not only via sound, but also via sight and smell in the metaverse. The program will be broadcasted on “Can I ask you something a bit weird? by Masataka Matsutoya,” a weekly radio program where a music producer Masataka Matsutoya welcomes and delves into guests from diverse fields to discover their hidden charm. The program will be broadcasted on Friday, August 25 and Friday, September 1, from 5:30 pm.

Personality: Masataka Matsutoya
Personality: Masataka Matsutoya

Masataka Matsutoya with a guest Pony Ogata
Masataka Matsutoya with a guest Pony Ogata

1. Story behind a collaboration between the metaverse and TOKYO FM
This will be the first show that blends a smell NFT (non-fungible token) with metaverse radio, which interlocks the metaverse and the features of radio - a media which has been entertaining people for years. With the aim of delivering a new form of entertainment and communication, transcosmos and TOKYO FM created a metaverse space with a radio studio and scents, making audiences visit the radio studio - a rare place for them to see - and go to a jungle and share the same experience with the personality and guest.

collaboration between the metaverse and TOKYO FM

2. The experience of the Metaverse x Radio x Scents
The new metaverse experience presented by transcosmos applies V-air, a web-based metaverse developed by Urth inc. (Chief Executive Officer: Hiroki Tanaka). In the virtual space, transcosmos reproduced a radio studio which actually exists in TOKYO FM and a jungle in Cambodia, a place with a special connection with the guest. In addition, to link the real world with the metaverse, transcosmos ran a project to design an interface with the five senses. Using Smell Market, a smell NFT developed by Horizon Inc., a company which specializes in digitalizing scents, transcosmos added the sense of smell on top of vision that a 3D space metaverse brings and the sound of radio. By combining the three senses, transcosmos aimed to make the experience more immersive and strengthen the feeling of unity that only a public recording session can offer. Listeners invited to the recording session enjoyed experiencing the metaverse world, the smell of jungle and the scent of honey, not to mention the interesting conversation between Masataka Matsutoya and Pony Ogata.

Viewing the radio booth in the metaverse space
Viewing the radio booth in the metaverse space

In answering the program’s signature question, “What will the world look like in 2050?” during the recording, the personality Masataka Matsutoya said “The metaverse will look much more real. And everyone will be using the metaverse more and more. Perhaps more than 50% of people will be doing something in the metaverse world.” And the guest Pony Ogata said “I was a little surprised. I mean, amazed by what-do-you-call-it, a polygon? The recent 3D image.” Both showed keen interests in the potential of the metaverse. The program received much positive feedback, like, “I’m so excited watching the radio booth! Really impressed!” and “I think it was an interesting try. The scents matched the virtual world really well. I felt as if I was actually on a jungle tour.” Most of the audience said that through this metaverse experience, they saw new possibilities that radio brings.

Exploring the jungle
Exploring the jungle

Observing a beehive together
Observing a beehive together

Sharing the same scents via smartphone
Sharing the same scents
via smartphone

3. Future plan
The metaverse space with a radio booth and jungle used for the recording will be open for public access for a limited period from 5:30 pm, Friday August 25 to Saturday September 30. With the aim of creating new communication experiences, transcosmos will not only build metaverse spaces but also promote a range of metaverse initiatives with partner companies, combining the metaverse with radio, scents, and more.

▶ Metaverse space for TOKYO FM “Can I ask something a bit weird? by Masataka Matsutoya”
Visit the metaverse radio booth here: https://v-air.world/JjhLSWP
Visit the metaverse jungle room here: https://v-air.world/8qjpmfh

4. About “Can I ask something a bit weird by Masataka Matsutoya” presented by transcosmos
Time: 17:30-17:55 on Fridays
Broadcasting stations: Japan FM Network 38 stations including TOKYO FM
Host: Masataka Matsutoya
Content: A music producer Masataka Matsutoya welcomes and delves into guests from diverse fields to discover their hidden charm.

■ About Urth inc.
Company name: Urth inc.  Representative: Hiroki Tanaka
Address: Waseda University entrepreneurship Center, 1-22-3, Nishiwaseda, Shinjuku, Tokyo 169-0051 Japan
Business: IT and architectural services, etc.
URL (no translation available): https://u-rth.com/information/

■ About Horizon Inc.
Company name: Horizon Inc.  Representative: Nientsao Tsai
Address: Hamamatsucho Square studio 1801, 1-30-5, Hamamatsu-cho, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0013 Japan
Business: Universal Scents Format
URL: https://www.hrz.co.jp/en

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*1 Source: Market research by Tokyo FM Broadcasting Co., Ltd. (at the time of this press release)

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