transcosmos holds a corporate event on a global scale in the metaverse

Employees communicate across the globe via a real-world venue (South Korea), the metaverse, and Zoom

September 6, 2023

transcosmos inc.

transcosmos inc. (Representative Director, Co-presidents: Masaaki Muta, Takeshi Kamiya) hereby announces that the company held the 2023 Golden Award in Korea on Thursday, July 27, 2023, connecting the real-world venue (FKI Tower Conference Center in South Korea), the metaverse hall and Zoom. The Global Award is an annual award session where transcosmos recognizes teams and individuals who have achieved outstanding results in the previous fiscal year. In a metaverse hall - the One-transcosmos venue - participants from 16 cities across 10 countries and regions, namely, Japan, South Korea, China, Indonesia, Taiwan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and India, shared their achievements through an interactive communication.

Event hall in the metaverse
Event hall in the metaverse

1. Story behind the event connecting the real-world venue and the metaverse
transcosmos believes that the metaverse to be one of the communication channels. Based on this concept, transcosmos helps companies utilize the metaverse for their business not only by offering the web-based metaverse space, but also by assisting them in using various types of metaverse solutions through its one-stop services that range from planning and consultation, platform selection and development, customer acquisition, customer communication, to the utilization of customer data. transcosmos decided to hold its Global Award using the metaverse as a proof of concept, experimenting with the possibility of connecting global locations going beyond physical restrictions, uniting management and employees as one, and realizing new ways of workstyle and communication that combine the real and the metaverse worlds. The purpose of the experiment was to identify the challenges and advantages of holding an internal event using the metaverse.

2. Overview of the 2023 Global Award in Korea in the metaverse
■Simultaneous access from Japan, South Korea, China, Indonesia, Taiwan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and India
Members across 10 countries and regions accessed the metaverse simultaneously, and smoothly ran the meeting without any time lag between the metaverse hall and the real-world venue.
■Web-based metaverse platform
Used V-air, a web-based mataverse by Urth Inc. (Chief Executive Officer: Hiroki Tanaka) for the platform.
Users can log in via their smartphones and PC browsers to the metaverse, no app installation required.
■Security measures
The metaverse space used for the event is normally open to the public. transcosmos deployed security measures during the event, putting login restrictions to prevent unauthorized access to make the event internal-only.
■Enhanced audio quality
Deployed Tencent Cloud audio technology to address audio quality challenges due to simultaneous access and conversation across 10 countries and regions, and the difference in audio output between the metaverse and the real-world. With the technology, minimized the environmental noise and ensured audio quality for a large-scale event.
■Sense of unity between the real-world venue and the metaverse hall
An MC hosted the event from the metaverse hall, and interacted with members in the real-world venue in South Korea. This real-virtual hybrid performance created a sense of unity between the two worlds.
■Technical management between the real and virtual venues (video/sound transmission)
A successful partnership with the technical management team at tbc Az Co., Ltd. , a company that plans and runs many hybrid events, enabled transcosmos to plan and manage image and sound transmission for this three venue, online-offline hybrid event, delivering an immersive experience to all participants at different venues.

Exhibition booth
Exhibition booth

Award ceremony
Award ceremony

The real-world venue
The real-world venue

3. Comments from employees joined the event
“An extremely wonderful try.”
“As a company committed to pursuing Technology, trying something new is essential.”
“It was good for remote employees who cannot normally participate in person could join the meeting.”

Making the most of the metaverse space, a space free from location constraints, transcosmos will continue to explore and test new ways of work and communication combining the real and the metaverse world to enhance global interaction. By deepening understanding and accumulating knowledge internally, transcosmos will identify potential challenges, and ultimately deliver solutions and create new value.

4. Future plans
transcosmos not only connected the real venue in South Korea and the metaverse space, but also delivered high-quality audio and a sense of unity to participants. In addition, transcosmos promoted communication among employees through various sessions, and tested and verified different performances including fireworks at the award ceremony. Going forward, transcosmos will accelerate its efforts in developing simultaneous translation tools and multilanguage services, as well as a voting system and other tools for the metaverse space. Offering the benefits of both real and the virtual world, transcosmos will assist companies and organizations across diverse industries, while driving its initiatives towards creating new ways of communication with the power of the metaverse.

Contact us to find out more about business and communication powered by the metaverse (no translation available): https://www.trans-plus.jp/cotra/metaverse_contact

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