transcosmos receives a 1-star rating for its capability in leading government in designing new regulations in METI’s awareness survey on business activities aimed at solving social challenges

Aims to create new market under its new business strategy – grow by rule-making – while driving action towards solving social challenges

February 8, 2024

transcosmos inc.

transcosmos inc. (Representative Director, Co-presidents: Masaaki Muta, Takeshi Kamiya) is proud to announce that the company has received a one-star under the category, capability in leading government in designing new regulations (the capability to build a relationship with appropriate key persons in industry, academia and government, and take the lead in designing and creating new regulations that will eventually form a new market), from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI). The one-star award demonstrates that the company has achieved 60% or higher of the expected levels set by the designated experts. The award METI announced the result in its FY2023 feedback report on its awareness survey “business activities aimed at solving social challenges.”

transcosmos has established the SNS Counseling Association in partnership with other related parties. Building on its experience in its core contact center business, transcosmos has been working on creating new rules for the counseling industry such as upskilling training programs for counselors and knowledge sharing in collaboration with extensive parties including social networking services-related operators, telephone counseling businesses, counselors, research institutes, teachers, etc. The company’s efforts have received high acclaim from METI, and were granted the 1-star award.

transcosmos will further drive its initiatives toward solving social challenges through its business activities. In addition, the company will set a new target to its business strategy - grow by rule-making – and will work towards forming new markets.

<Awareness survey on business activities aimed at solving social challenges by METI>

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) has defined capabilities that companies must possess to form new markets and solve social challenges through their business activities as market formation potential. METI expects companies to include a rule-making strategy to their business strategy and create and grow new markets. The ultimate goal is to penetrate this approach across the business world and make them act on this approach.

METI has developed Market Formation Potential Index Ver. 2.0, as a tool for a company to visually represent its organizational rule-making capability through a specific project. For companies to understand their current status in terms of forming a new market based on their rule-making capability, METI has conducted a survey targeting 10,000 Japanese companies on their awareness for solving social challenges through their business activities. In this survey, METI has invited five experts to calculate required standard levels, and set the average figures as Expert Standards. The team of experts consisted of three academic experts who primarily specialize in the deployment of innovation and new technologies in society and entrepreneur education (Expert A, B, and C). The other two experts were from financial institutions (Expert D and E).

<transcosmos initiatives towards rule-making>

With the aim of growing the company and creating a sustainable society through maximizing the well-being of its people, clients and society, transcosmos is engaging in various business activities including developing new market rules. For example, transcosmos has co-established SNS Counseling Association in partnership with other related parties, recognizing the fact that the mainstream of bullying helplines has shifted from a phone-based consultation to social networking services (SNS). The association not only provides counseling sessions but also sets standard skill levels required for SNS counselors and runs counselor education courses. Committed to our purpose to expand our social impact as a business and ultimately maximize the well-being of society as a whole through solving social challenges, we, transcosmos, are engaging in meaningful business activities to become a Sustainable Transformation (SX) Partner for all.

*Please visit below to learn more about METI’s Market Formation Potential Index which explains required actions for creating new market through rule-making (no translation available):
https://www.meti.go.jp/policy/economy/hyojun-kijun/katsuyo/shijyokeisei/pdf/20220322-4.pdf PDF file

Visit here for SNS Counseling Association (no translation available): https://smca.or.jp/

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