transcosmos and transcosmos online communications offer a LINE-powered application system for oversized garbage collection services to Kohoku wide area administration business center

LINE Auto-receives applications, online payment service to come soon

March 15, 2024

transcosmos inc.
transcosmos online communications inc.

transcosmos inc. (Representative Director, Co-presidents: Masaaki Muta, Takeshi Kamiya) and transcosmos online communications inc. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President: Hiroshi Kaizuka) are proud to announce that the two companies offered KANAMETO ECO, an application system for oversized garbage collection powered by LINE, to Kohoku wide area administration business center(Manager: Masato Matsui) – an administrative services center of the Kohoku administrative district in Shiga prefecture - on March 15, 2024. Now, citizens can apply for oversized garbage collection using the center’s official LINE account.

Kohaku wide area administration business center now accepts application for its oversized garbage collection service via its LINE official account

Kohoku Wide Area Administration Business Center LINE Official Account
Kohoku Wide Area Administration Business Center LINE Official Account

Kohoku wide area administration business center is a local public partial cooperative that covers Nagahama and Maibara cities in Shiga prefecture. The center manages garbage and night-soil collection & disposal services as well as crematoriums in the district. On March 24, 2023, the center opened a LINE official account (account name: Kohoku Wide Area Administration Business Center), and has been actively disseminating its service information such as garbage collection services via KANAMETO’s segment messaging and chatbot features. Now, with the implementation of KANAMETO ECO, service users can complete the entire process for disposing oversized garbage from submitting an application, and rescheduling to cancelling the application all on LINE.

Nagahama and Maibara citizens who wish to use the oversized garbage collection service first access the center’s LINE official account. On the designated online form, users then select the area they live and preferred collection date, as well as type and number of items. There is a limit per booking request for each garbage collection, which is shown on the item selection page, so by default, users cannot proceed to the next step if the number of items exceeds the set limit. The system then automatically calculates the collection service fees based on the type and number of items entered. Users can send the application form to the center after adding detailed information such as contact information, collection site, etc.

【Application process for oversized garbage collection (for illustration purposes only)】

Application process for oversized garbage collection

The center also has deployed a review & approve feature, with which center staff can review the entered information on the KANAMETO ECO’s admin page to confirm the request. Each user will receive a message once their application is approved or rejected. If a user’s application is rejected, they will receive a cancellation message explaining the reasons for the rejection. Center administrators can also reject applications if any of the items are out of scope of the service such as air conditioners, televisions, and personal computers, or if users have specified a collection site where a garbage truck cannot enter.

With this new, digitalized application process for oversized garbage collection, users can now request for garbage collection easily via LINE from anywhere at any time. In addition, the system also brings benefits to the center as the system helps reduce staff’s work hours for handling phone calls. The center plans to deploy an online payment feature for garbage service fees, which will further streamline the center’s garbage collection service process as well as making the service even more convenient for users.

KANAMETO ECO is a new feature added to KANAMETO, a LINE-powered Government Digital Transformation (DX) tool which today is empowering more than 200 local governments. Kohoku wide area administration business center is the first user among all local public partial and wide-area cooperatives in Japan. By expanding KANAMETO features even more, transcosmos and transcosmos online communications will continue to help governments drive their DX initiatives, and ultimately optimize communication between local governments and their citizens.

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KANAMETO ECO is an application system for oversized garbage collection services developed under the joint project of LY Communications Corporation and transcosmos online communications inc. The two companies developed KANAMETO ECO based on the Fukuoka City Oversized Garbage Collection Service LINE Official Account, a LINE account which went into full operation in 2019 based on the LY Communications and Fukuoka city’s agreement, the Comprehensive Partnership Agreement on Community Collaboration Projects. Once local governments deploy KANAMETO ECO, their citizens can apply for their local garbage collection services 24/7 online via their government’s LINE official account. KANAMETO ECO is also equipped with an online payment processing feature, enabling citizens to pay garbage collection service fees online with PayPay, LINE Pay, credit cards, and more.

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