transcosmos and TOKYO FM holds the second metaverse radio public recording event

Offer listeners co-creation experiences on the theme of communication. Masataka Matsutoya’s piano improvisation & Rakugo master Dansho Tatekawa’s on-the-spot rakugo performance

March 21, 2024

transcosmos inc.

transcosmos inc. (Representative Director, Co-presidents: Masaaki Muta, Takeshi Kamiya) hereby announces that the company has collaborated with TOKYO FM again in a public radio show recording in the metaverse on the theme of communication with listeners. From 5:30 pm on Friday March 22 and 29, the program will be broadcasted on “Can I ask you something a bit weird? by Masataka Matsutoya,” a weekly radio program where a music producer Masataka Matsutoya welcomes and delves into guests from diverse fields to discover their hidden charm.

Personality Masataka Matsutoya improvising on the piano
Personality Masataka Matsutoya improvising on the piano

1. Story behind a collaboration between the metaverse and TOKYO FM

This will be the second metaverse radio public show recording, which interlocks the metaverse and radio - a media which has been entertaining people for years. On the theme of communication, the program aims to deliver new ways of entertainment and communication that only metaverse radio can offer, co-creating a whole new experience with listeners. The program includes piano improvisation based on given notes from listeners and a rakugo story created on the spot based on three topics also given by listeners.

Rakugo master Dansho Tatekawa performs rakugo on the spot
Rakugo master Dansho Tatekawa performs rakugo on the spot

2. The metaverse radio, a new form of communication

The new metaverse experience presented by transcosmos applies V-air, a web-based metaverse developed by Urth inc. (Chief Executive Officer: Hiroki Tanaka). In the virtual space, transcosmos reproduced a radio studio which actually exists in TOKYO FM. Avatar-mediated communication brings listeners and personalities closer together. In this program, a piano appeared in the metaverse space, and there, personality Masataka Matsutoya improvised on the piano, composing music based on three notes specified by listeners. For the guest rakugo performer Dansho Tatekawa, there appeared a special rakugo stage, where he was given three words from listeners on the spot. He then performed a rakugo story based on the words. Going beyond the geographical boundary, listeners joined the program not only from Tokyo but also from Nagano and Tochigi prefectures, and co-created and enjoyed the whole experience, not to mention the interesting conversation between Masataka Matsutoya and Dansho Tatekawa. The program received much positive feedback, like, “The second show using the metaverse was really interactive.” “It was great to see Matsutoya compose and improvise on the piano!” and “I joined the rakugo session. Creating such a story in just 30 minutes is only possible for Dansho, the master of rakugo. Impressive.” Most of the audience said that they could see the metaverse radio as a new form of communication.

From left: Navigator Erina Wataya, guest rakugo performer Dansho Tatekawa and personality Masataka Matsutoya
From left: Navigator Erina Wataya, guest rakugo performer Dansho Tatekawa and personality Masataka Matsutoya

3. Future plan

Metaverse TOKYO FM Lounge, the metaverse space used for the recording, will be open for public access for a limited period from 5:30 pm, Friday March 22 to Tuesday April 30. Please enjoy the music improvised by Masataka Matsutoya inspired by the rakugo story Dansho Tatekawa performed on the spot. Not only building the metaverse spaces, transcosmos will also continue to create new forms of communication with the power of the metaverse.
▶Replay (available from 3/22 17:30- ) Metaverse space for TOKYO FM “Can I ask something a bit weird? by Masataka Matsutoya”
Visit the Metaverse TOKYO FM Lounge here: https://v-air.world/JjhLSWP
▶Enjoy the first metaverse radio program “The Metaverse x Radio x Smell NFT (non-fungible token) here: https://transcosmos-meta.jp/movie/681/

4. About “Can I ask something a bit weird by Masataka Matsutoya” presented by transcosmos

Broadcasting stations:
17:30-17:55 on Fridays
Masataka Matsutoya
A music producer Masataka Matsutoya welcomes and delves into guests from diverse fields to discover their hidden charm.

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