Video ad serving to expand awareness of “d delivery.” Improving the quality of video ads and maximizing the number of views


  • One-stop support from video planning and production to ad delivery and operations
  • Speedy editing and adjustment to improve the advertising quality rank of videos. Maximizing delivery effectiveness

Confidence in the mindset of achieving KPI and having daily proposals for improvement.

In conducting this d delivery promotion in the “d delivery channel,” high performance was exhibited in spite of limited preparation time.

More than simple PR for videos, multiple ideas were presented for video promotions pertaining to service tasks, and as a result of hot discussions, we had programs implemented that were chosen after both organizations were convinced. We believe that conducting video promotions in various genres, while guaranteeing image quality, has led to an increased awareness of our services.

We believe that the appeal of transcosmos is found not only in dazzling proposals that are often found at agencies, but also includes concrete and down-to-earth operation proposals that are linked directly to the actual achievement of KPI, and this makes it a place where you can have a total relationship. We would definitely like to continue having your strong support in the future.

NTT DoCoMo, Inc. Nobuki Nakamura

NTT DoCoMo, Inc.
Consumer Bussiness Development Department
Second Commerce Bussiness,
d delivery
Nobuki Nakamura

NTT DoCoMo,Inc. Tsubasa Nakagawa

NTT DoCoMo, Inc.
Consumer Bussiness Development Department
Second Commerce Bussiness,
d delivery
Tsubasa Nakagawa

Total support for “d delivery” video advertising projects

NTT DoCoMo, Inc. (hereafter, DoCoMo), the largest telecommunications carrier in Japan, has rolled out a service called “d market” that provides various contents, such as music, magazines and fashion, in order to support diversifying consumer needs. DoCoMo was releasing video ads aiming to expand awareness of “d delivery,” a delivery and food courier service which is one offering of “d market.” However, due to the impact of factors such as the quality score of the video being used, there were problems with soaring unit viewing costs and a limited number of views.

As a digital advertising agency, transcosmos is engaged in numerous video projects and has accumulated a variety of expertise, such as contents, formats and delivery methods suited for facets including the advertising delivery purpose and each KPI. Comprehensive proposals have been provided for DoCoMo, ranging from the production of videos to ad delivery and subsequent operations, and having been recognized for achievements such as high-quality video planning and operations performance thus far, transcosmos has now been entrusted with all video projects for “d delivery.”

Video planning, production, delivery and operations performed at one stop

transcosmos planned and produced two kinds of videos. In order to encourage the mothers generation, the target demographic of “d delivery,” to feel comfortable about using the service, the first plan mainly cast mothers in the video and emphasized not only aspects such as the “convenience” and “speed” of food delivery, but also expressed qualities such as “love and kindness” associated with “meals.” (Video 1: “BENTO MOM - Lunchbox Mother’s Big Run -”)

The other plan was a video in which Kuroko makes deliveries while performing Parkour*. While including eye-catching action with the performance of Parkour, this was a video that also contained message attributes indicating that “d delivery” supports each store by “striving to make reliable and fast home deliveries at any time.” (Video 2: “Parkour Delivery - Delivery Person and Kuroko”)

For production, transcosmos was involved in all of the processes from storyboards to casting, staging, and rights and contracts for the period of use and other matters. In addition, features including playing time and format were edited and adjusted to deliver ads tailored to each medium, such as YouTube's TrueView and Twitter.

* “Parkour” is a concept that includes sports art for moving efficiently to a destination while performing actions such as running, jumping and climbing to make full use of objects like walls and other terrain features.

Maximizing the effectiveness of videos with speedy editing and operations using in-house production

As a result of transcosmos handling all the work from production to delivery, it was possible to perform speedy editing and adjustments according to the purpose of the video and the attributes of each medium, and this made it possible to maximize the delivery impact. Moreover, since it was possible to produce a high-quality video, it could be delivered effectively at a low viewing unit cost, and made it possible to appeal to many users.

In the future, we will support video delivery by utilizing “Sprinklr,” which has features including social listening and analytical functions, in addition to leveraging customer feedback on SNS for purposes such as the direction of appeal for video production and the selection of media.

transcosmos has also opened a video recording studio called “Studio Compass,” which now makes it possible to perform a sequence of creative production work, ranging from shooting to editing, more quickly and efficiently.
“Studio Compass” particularly enhances production systems for video creative work that also support components such as full-fledged recording and lighting equipment specialized for recording videos and greenback shooting.

In the future transcosmos will improve its ability to respond to video technology and continue to contribute to the expansion of return on investment for client companies by providing total support that includes communication strategies and operations, verification, analysis and optimization through the application of unique advanced technologies.

DoCoMo “d delivery” video image

Video 1: “BENTO MOM - Lunchbox Mother’s Big Run -”

Video 1: “BENTO MOM - Lunchbox Mother’s Big Run -”

Video 2: “Parkour Delivery - Delivery Person and Kuroko”

Video 2: “Parkour Delivery - Delivery Person and Kuroko”

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