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CallCenter Services

  • Video Advertising at One Stop from Planning, Production, Delivery and Operations
  • VAIO Implemented complete and comprehensive support fot branded PC’s during the US E-Commerce expansion
  • Constructed a Twitter operating system in a month, which requires more than 60 people, and implemented a large-scaled real-time campaign.
  • Strategic and Equity Partnership with 「VAIMO」For inquiries via E-mail
  • Digital Marketing, Case Study, Microsoft Japan
  • Digital Marketing, Case Study, SEKISUI HOUSE
  • Digital Marketing, Case Study, XING
  • Digital Marketing, Case Study, NIPPON TRAVEL AGENCY
  • Digital Marketing, Case Study, Nichirei
  • Digital Marketing, Case Study, BANDAI (SHENZHEN)

By utilizing our state-of-the-art and advanced technology, we engage with you and offer total support in finding the best solutions and strategies for your marketing challenges.

transcosmos’ Digital Marketing Services support your sales expansion by providing a wide range of options: from consulting, strategic planning, analytics, production and development to operational support in the areas of Internet advertising, website construction, social media and CRM/Direct Marketing, among others.

Furthermore, we take advantage of our global-scale business and its 105 branches scattered all over the world to find and bring the newest and most advanced technology available. We then incorporate these to our systems, so we can provide a wide range of state-of-the-art tool solutions, such as marketing automation and real-time marketing, which are absolutely necessary in order to update effective marketing strategies for you.

Digital Marketing Services

  • Internet Advertising Service
  • Website Construction Service
  • Website Operation Service
  • Smart Device Service
  • Social Media Service
  • E-Commerce and Direct Marketing Service
  • Marketing Tools

Case Study: VAIO

Providing total support for VAIO® brand PC on its expansion of E-Commerce business into the States.

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