System maintenance for social media operations


  • Construction of a 365 day per year social media account operation system
  • Account awareness was improved with flexible communication support tailored to the users
  • Number of followers doubled and the engagement number increased by five times

Positive reviews increased with flexible communication support tailored to the users.

transcosmos was already involved in the operation of our website, and because of their wealth of knowledge and experience in social media, as well as solid systems in areas such as management and operations, we were able to confidently leave everything in their hands.
I think it is precisely because of their know-how that they have been able to give us straightforward proposals for “things that should be done,” rather than responding passively to our requests or giving us opinions, indications or what “they want to do” based on their extensive operational experience.
We are also grateful to the facilitators who have an appreciation towards Surface and respond flexibly from the viewpoint of each user, which we tend to forget about at our company. Their conversation with the users are not tied down to the manual, but are customized with originality to each user and situation, which has produced a wide range of communication.
With transcosmos’s support, we would like to continue to create new insights and promote proactive digital communications by utilizing their know-how they have gained from website and social media operations.

Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd. Chikage Nakagawa

Chikage Nakagawa
Category Manager,
Microsoft Device Strategy Division,
Consumer & Device Business Division
Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd.

Construction of a stable operation system with standardization of governance

Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd. (hereafter, Microsoft Japan), which develops business in various fields ranging from devices such as Surface to cloud services, has been operating a large number of social media accounts including Facebook and Twitter in each responsible department. However, due to factors such as lack of resources and changes in operations personnel within certain departments, it had become difficult to maintain continuous and consistent operations. Therefore, Microsoft Japan had a request to arrange a stable operation system based on implementation of a globally deployed operation model and the establishment of governance tailored to local circumstances, while also expanding social media operations personnel.

Following consultations transcosmos assumed responsibility for 10 accounts, including the Surface Twitter account which Microsoft Japan placed special importance on.

Improved affinity and awareness in conversations from the user’s perspective

Social marketing goals have been established in order to deepen relationships with users that Microsoft Japan has developed until now, for an even closer and more meaningful connection.

“Realize and maximize favorable ‘voices’ conveyed by customers for our products.”

In order to achieve this goal, dedicated social media facilitators were assigned and an operation system was constructed that could respond to tweets regarding services and products from users 365 days per year. Facilitators employed measures with respect to the accounts to have friendly conversations, for example, by assuming interests and preferences from the user’s timeline, introducing recommended services and products, and conversing in the same tone with the user’s viewpoint in perspective. For a successful communication, flexible response skills are critical. So in order to place qualified human resources with a wide range of communication skills, transcosmos’s conducts its own aptitude test to select facilitators

By building up communications like this on an ongoing basis, dynamics including affinity from users and account awareness were improved, positive remarks such as “they give me a reply as soon as I tweet” increased, and naturally voices favorable to the products also increased.

Number of followers doubled and the engagement number increased by five times

Through this stable operation, Surface account followers, which numbered approximately 24,000 when operations started in August 2013, nearly doubled. In addition, there were more than 1,000 communications per month and the engagement number increased by roughly five times.

Communications tailored to user needs, such as encouragement of persons at storefronts who have high buying motivation, as well as set-up and post purchase follow-up, product and service information for all Microsoft products, serve to support sales promotion for Microsoft Japan while at the same time enhance engagement with users which has lead to improved customer satisfaction.

In the future, transcosmos will continue to expand the range of operations, including real-time communications in conjunction with events and campaigns, in order to improve the corporate image of Microsoft Japan and contribute to the growth of its sales.

Services provided to Microsoft Japan

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