Built a user-friendly web site that corresponds to multiple devices with various screen sizes


  • Production, with the use of the responsive web design, that’s consistent from planning to designing to building
  • Reduced the burden of operation and increased the efficiency of overall business by unifying the design and URL
  • With more compatible devices available now, it enables transmission of information to so many more users.

The ideal platform that’s easy to view and use was built as a result.

Our business relationship with transcosmos goes way back. Because there are still only few companies implementing the responsive design for building web sites, initially we did feel a little apprehensive realizing that this is our new endeavor. However, based on valuing our long-term mutual trust, we have decided to ask transcosmos to take on this project after all. Their project manager was thoroughly knowledgeable about our web site and understood what would be most suitable for it, so our needs were well accommodated. Thanks to their project team having to manage our project carefully, with a keen eye and conscious time management, and each step faithfully adhering to our corporate policies, everything was done smoothly on time without any troubles.

We couldn’t be happier with the finished platform with its superb quality. As for the future plan, we’d like to further enrich our web contents and hope transcosmos will work with us again. We look forward to hearing their ideas on new acquisitions and solutions that would be suitable for us.

Nichirei Corporation
Public Relations
General Manager
Masaaki Kishi

Built web sites that correspond to multi-devices

Nichirei Corporation (hereafter Nichirei) is a food company, who has been developing many food-related businesses over various venues, with “creating savory moments” as its communication message. Its corporate web site is one of the very effective communication tools they can use to appeal to their users on food safety, assurance, and their efforts on gaining trust. Due to the rapid increase in recent years on users accessing to its corporate web site not only from PC’s but also from Smartphones and tablet computers, Nichirei has addressed the urgent need to find the more efficient ways, which not only correspond to the overwhelming number of users trying to access it from other devices rather than just from PC’s, but also how it could improve the traffic for all these users to get the information they’re seeking, which requires satisfactory answers to both accessibility and usability. However, there was a halting challenge. There are only three full-time Nichirei employees who already working full-time maintaining its huge PC site that’s over 1,000-page long, so adding this new project on their full schedule was impossible. Thus, the shortage on manpower and resources became an imminent issue, and Nichirei was urged to come up with an idea that could resolve the increase on their operational cost and the workload that would be generated by additional file updating management, etc. due to the rapidly growing number of corresponding accesses to/from other devices.

Based on our long-term and trusting business partnership with Nichirei, transcosmos, in order to help resolve their imminent challenges, has suggested that Nichirei should have a new website built with the use of the responsive web design, which enables corresponding to all devices by a single HTML file. At that time, finding a firm with its corporate website that the responsive web design was applied on every page was very rare, however, in order to build a corporate web site with much better usability for the users, Nichirei has decided to build a new web site.

Responsive web design that satisfies both usability and operational efficiency

Responsive web design creates a separate HTML file for each device, but unlike the traditional method that user agent determines an access device and displays each website accordingly, it can flexibly adjust each page’s layout and design for each screen size by controlling a single HTML file with CSS. With this method, it helps reduce the burden of operation and workman-hours, and also enables unifying the design and URL; thus, it helps improve the efficiency on organizing information and management tasks.

Any web site that deals with food not only has to appeal cleanliness, and its design tone has to provide a visual comfort, but it is also critical that it is easy to view and navigate by any age group. In order to satisfy these factors, transcosmos took charge of all phases of this production consistent from planning and layout, designing, and site construction with the use of HTML5. Because HTML5 offers superbly flexible capabilities such as offline functionality, address-specific function, simplification of the text control, traffic reduction, and a perfect tool for mobile device’s display, it was able to provide the web environment that’s easy to view and navigate for all users. We have also paid attention to detail and added extra user-friendly features to provide easy visibility and operability by widening their web site screen to match the wider screen size that many users use nowadays, and adding some command buttons such as enlarge/reduce font, and print.

Completed a platform that enables transmission of information to a wide range of users

This very progressive approach that Nichirei has taken has drawn attention of various media and has also been mentioned and discussed about among the social network communities. A corporate web site is a public space, where it gets many visitors form multiple sources, and it is not just limited to general users and users from other businesses, but it also includes students, stockholders, etc. Because Nichirei has adopted the advanced technology that corresponds to accesses by multi-devices, which made users’ navigation very easy, smooth, and trouble-free, it made Nichirei transmit their communications to users even more vigorously, and as a result, traffic has increased. Furthermore, we couldn’t be happier that we were able to actualize the positive environment as an outcome to Nichirei, where they can continue operating on their business without generating work overload because of the increase on the corresponding devices, and their same resources can still be utilized effectively.

As for the next step, Nichirei is hoping to increase its fans by considering expansion of the contents of its food community site called, “Chorus”. By utilizing the best tools and resources such as Google Analytics, which helped us do the introduction process during the web site revision, transcosmos will continue to offer wide variety of support to Nichirei including running effective site verification to proposing improvement measures, and we are committed to offer strategic support for their web marketing activities from both the offense and defense sides.

Services provided to Nichirei

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