Improve online ad operations


  • 6th year in Taiwan Launched a project to improve online ad operations
  • Reviewed target audience for Facebook / LINE ads based on thorough analysis
  • In one month after the project launch, the first-time purchase rate after trial went up by 6%

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We are delighted to work and grow together with transcosmos towards a common goal.

Taiwan business was our first step to going global. We wanted to make a successful start in Taiwan to establish a foothold for our globalization initiative. We selected Taiwan because we believe that our products that have continued to evolve for more than 40 years match the tastes of the Taiwanese, as they do the Japanese. After several years of effort, product awareness has reached a certain level, yet, it was not initially known as an anti-aging skincare product. Recognizing this, we had a strong passion to communicate more about “Domohorn Wrinkle” brand’s worldview.

We decided to entrust transcosmos with our online ad operations because the team understands our passion and has an extensive knowledge about the ever evolving online advertising market. We are delighted to work with the transcosmos team. They take everything seriously from our standpoint, consider our customers as theirs, and we can discuss the points that really matter. We want to retain this great relationship which makes us grow together, whilst expecting to hear new proposals for us to acquire repeat customers.

Saishunkan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Nobufumi Yamada

Nobufumi Yamada
General Manager
Overseas Division
Saishunkan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Saishunkan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Nanaka Matsumoto

Nanaka Matsumoto
Taiwan group Director
Overseas division
Saishunkan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

6th year in Taiwan
CHALLENGE - Improve online ad operations – project kick off.

Headquartered in Kumamoto prefecture, Japan, Saishunkan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Saishunkan Pharmaceutical) manufactures and sells basic skincare products including its leading product line “Domohorn Wrinkle”, quasi-drugs and medical drugs. Favored by Japanese consumers, the anti-aging skincare product line, “Domohorn Wrinkle” is also marketed in the Taiwan market where consumers are conscious of skincare and health. This year marks the 6th anniversary since its debut in Taiwan. Recently, the company was eager to make the “Domohorn Wrinkle” brand “familiar to a wider customer base in Taiwan, in addition to be renowned as a high-quality, Made in Japan product”. Saishunkan Pharmaceutical designed its customer communication journey in Taiwan the same as the one in Japan. First, they offer a trial kit in order for customers to experience, feel and realize the benefits of the product, convert them to fans, and ultimately make them purchase the product. Although they have used online ads in Taiwan where more consumers go online rather than making calls to place orders, Saishunkan Pharmaceutical was seeking more effective initiatives to convert trial users to first-time purchasers. To address their needs, the transcosmos office in Taiwan took on the project.

SOLUTION – Review target audience for Facebook / LINE ads based on thorough analysis

transcosmos team analyzed past performance and creative content that Saishunkan Pharmaceutical used for their ads inside and out, and redesigned ad plans for Saishunkan Pharmaceutical. Fully grasping “Domohorn Wrinkle” product features and taking the local market trend into account, transcosmos clarified and re-defined “true target customers” before setting a target ad audience. After that, transcosmos developed a scheme for Saishunkan Pharmaceutical to deliver their messages that are hard to communicate via TV commercials and magazines directly to their target audience via Facebook and LINE in order to make them apply for a trial kit.

Together with Saishunkan Pharmaceutical, transcosmos developed various ways to approach potential customers by preparing a variety of contents in addition to regularly refreshing creative content and copies to keep customers’ interests.

Working closely with Saishunkan Pharmaceutical, local transcosmos employees and Saishunkan Pharmaceutical made a great team which enabled them to respond to customers swiftly more than ever before. For Facebook ads, they have executed unique ones that include TV ads and influencer ads in collaboration with popular local bloggers. As a result, not only the number of applications for trial kits, but also the “first-time” purchase rate saw a drastic boost.

RESULT – In one month after the project launch, the first-time purchase rate after trial went up by 6%

The number of applications for the trial kit achieved 120% of the target set for the initial month after project kick-off, lifting the number by around 50% compared to the average figure recorded after its entry into the Taiwan market. At the same time, by reviewing the target audience, the team successfully increased the unit purchase price of first-time customers whilst boosting the first-time purchase rate by 6%.

Now, Saishunkan Pharmaceutical has set its goal to make their customers realize that “at-home skincare does make a difference” by using and experiencing the product not only once but twice, three times and more, and ultimately turning them into repeat customers.

transcosmos will continue to offer holistic support to Saishunkan Pharmaceutical in order to solve their challenges on a broader spectrum and contribute to expanding their sales, building on transcosmos’s long-standing experience in call center, e-commerce and digital marketing domains.

Services provided to Saishunkan Pharmaceutical

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