Promoting a brand targeted for female consumers between 20’s and early 30’s


  • Ensured time to interact with the users using the original iPhone app
  • Promoted a brand message by setting up links to corporate website and commercial videos
  • Ranked 8th in the number of application downloads in the category

We appreciate transcosmos’s quick response under our tight schedule.

Since iPhone is a relatively new tool, the method for submitting contents were complex, and even English paperwork were necessary for certain processes. transcosmos provided us total support including the administrative matters in addition to the application development, for which we are very appreciative.

With the actual development period of just two months, we were under a very tight schedule, but transcosmos responded with prompt actions and fulfilled our requests nevertheless. For proposals, transcosmos would not only submit just one, but multiple proposals at once, which was very helpful.

For innerwear, there are strict screening processes for advertising, so certain techniques and ideas are necessary in order to convey the message. In that regard, we feel that the game app was an effective communication tool. In the future, we would like to continue trying various methods to promote the viewpoint “innerwear as a tool to make living fuller and richer” more widely. We would like to have transcosmos continue to provide us with the latest information, expert knowledge, and their skills.

Wacoal Corp.
Corporate Planning Office
PR and Publicity Department
Web and CRM Section
Mai Okiyama

Making ties with consumers with the latest digital tools

Wacoal Corp., a top innerwear brand, has offered a wide variety of product lineup for different age groups, genders, and life styles, and has gained trust from a wide range of users. The recent challenge for Wacoal was to build a stable relationship with female consumers between 20’s and early ’30s -- the so-called “F-1” class.

In order to find the solutions, Wacoal set an eye on iPhone. By taking advantage of iPhone, one of the latest digital tools, Wacoal would be able to not only approach the young women but also to have them enjoy the entertainment contents developed utilizing the unique functions of iPhone. Through the process, they would naturally become Wacoal brand fans -- that was the aim of Wacoal. This is typical of Wacoal, which has in the past bravely took on new, innovative ventures.

An original game with thoroughly thought out design

The relationship between Wacoal and transcosmos began when the marketing personnel from Wacoal attended a marketing seminar offered by transcosmos. Afterwards, transcosmos received a request to “create an iPhone app for promotion.” transcosmos then created multiple proposals for application. Those plans ultimately led to a maze game called “Wacoal Maze” and was completed within approximately two months.

This game is a simple game where a user tilts the iPhone to roll the ball to reach the goal while dodging obstacles; however, there are tricks such as having to shake the phone when the cat catches the ball, with different degrees of difficulty on different stages, assuring appropriate time for the users to interact with the game.

The marketing concepts for this application were to enable users to have fun through iPhone’s unique features such as acceleration censors and the shaking function, appeal to young women with the thoroughly thought out design, promoting the brand message by setting up links for the corporate website and YouTube page with commercial videos, etc.

Other digital tools and AR (Augmented Reality) are within the view as well

Soon after the release, “Wacoal Maze” started off well by ranking eighth in the application downloads in its category. Although the announcement to the users was limited to e-mail news, mobile site, and Twitter, the degree of attention was high, proving the strength of the Wacoal brand. On the other hand, since it is a free app without fees accumulated, it was pointed out that the accurate number of downloads cannot be recorded.

Wacoal’s marketing personnel has a vision for the future to develop applications for other Smart Phones/iPad and AR (Augmented Reality) contents with iPhone and real-life retails stores combined. In addition, increase in the Internet direct sales is listed as the company-wide goal as well.

We will continue to contribute to Wacoal brand’s growth by staying proactive in providing information, technology, and human resources to lead Wacoal to solutions for specific issues, such as smooth linkage of the digital contents and commerce.

Services provided to Wacoal

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