To develop a new service utilizing the Internet, in an effort to acquire more customers


  • Expanded services for JOYSOUND “UTASUKI” service by developing “UTA-SUKI video” and reward point system “JOYpo”
  • The number of new “UTASUKI” members showed an immense increase and is now reaching 10 million
  • Achieved stable performance during rush hours for the website by supporting core system’s operation

We needed a partner that was skilled and equipped with Consultation, Production, and Management capabilities.

Before the “UTA-SUKI” service was developed, our company’s karaoke business was basically transactions between karaoke venues, thus BtoB. “UTA-SUKI” was our first opportunity ever to have direct contact with customers, so our essential requirements were that we needed a company with abilities to consult with web marketing and BtoC business, create contents, and possess stable systems operations. transcosmos was the only company that fulfilled our needs.
At the time of developing and expanding new services, it is imperative to share the service concept and image with partner companies at a deep level. In this regard as well, collaborative tasks with transcosmos was effortless.
In the future as well, we would like transcosmos to lend us a hand in developing new systems and services.

XING INC. Tsukasa Takaki

Marketing Management Dept.
General Manager
Tsukasa Takaki

XING INC. Tomoya Ito

Marketing Management Dept.
Marketing Direction Group
Group Leader
Tomoya Ito

Starting a new development project of connecting “people” and “songs”

XING INC. (hereafter, “XING”), which offers satellite karaoke, has developed “UTASUKI” service, which connects “people” and “songs” by utilizing the Internet. XING, who wishes to constantly offer new services to its customers, was aiming at even further improvement and expansion of its “UTA-SUKI” service with the concept of users being able to publish contents themselves and connect with other users.

transcosmos has been supporting XING since the launch of “UTASUKI” with the core system development and website creation. With transcosmos’s extensive experience and results, XING has decided to entrust the development of this new service.

Successful in providing high value added service with improved/expanded functions of “UTASUKI”

As a first step, transcosmos got involved in development of “UTASUKI video,” a new content for “UTASUKI.” “UTASUKI video” is a user-participation type service where users can upload videos shot at a karaoke venue where they can then upload it to the website to share within a community exclusively for UTASUKI members. Rather than having users merely sing, by designing a system where users can connect with other users, they can now enjoy singing at other locations than karaoke venues, thus increasing their interests and attention for karaoke.

In addition, to make “UTASUKI” a high value added service, transcosmos aided XING’s point platform system by engaging in developing point system, “JOYpo”. JOYpo is linked with payment system which allows users to utilize points not only for “UTASUKI”, but for web premium contents, JOYpo affiliated shipping sites, and at karaoke venues as well.

Moreover, a new, premium member service linked to these functions was launched. transcosmos constructed a system that will promise stable profit for XING by providing total support, starting with the development of the premium member system, to website design, and planning & production.

The number of users for “UTA-SUKI video” increased drastically “UTASUKI” members is now approaching 10 million

After the launch of these new services, users visiting karaoke venues have increased. “UTA-SUKI video,” which is the most popular content, is averaging 10,000* daily uploads. In addition, by linking venues and websites, the number of new members for “UTA-SUKI” has drastically increased, with the total number of members reaching approximately 10 million*.

On the other hand, however, XING was experiencing an issue in systems overload due to a rapid increase in customer data. Furthermore, a stable operating core systems for karaoke and website was crucial in providing premium services. To remedy these issues, transcosmos monitored and analyzed on a regular basis to support XING’s systems management. Based on this analysis, the search speed for “UTA-SUKI video” was improved, realizing stable performance even during the heavy-traffic hours of the website.

Through cooperation with XING, transcosmos will create a flexible structure to assure all knowledge acquired through these efforts can be effectively utilized in another system, and will also contribute to increasing XING’s sales by implementing the finest measures to improve performance.

*As of July 2014

Services provided to XING

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