Improving the website management system without using internal resources


  • Enabled effortless information update and management by having dedicated staff members on-site
  • Succeeded in CMS replacement and website renewal
  • Improved information volume and quality to lengthen the users’ time spent on the web

We expect continued expert advice and professional support

We were able to renew our website management system without using much of our internal resources -- we consider this to be the biggest accomplishment out of this project. transcosmos’ staff members are very highly skilled, and even in case of personnel replacement, the standards are maintained, so we feel comfortable entrusting transcosmos with our duties pertaining to the website with transcosmos.

Our company holds over 30 production departments in Japan alone and also overseas sites and domestic affiliates. We were able to design an infrastructure where all of those departments could share. In the future, we would like to absorb each department’s needs to develop more effective communication on the web and to make the global site grow so that it could be the tool to contribute to our business and to build relationships with our customers. In order to achieve that goal, we need new plans, technology, services and such. We will be relying on transcosmos and its affiliates for their total capability to offer accurate advice and professional support.

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Securing experienced and skilled staff members

Website, unlike print media, is a tool which makes it possible to update information constantly, and it is extremely flexible with room for expansion for increased number of pages and contents as necessary. However, in order to take advantage of such characteristics of the web, specialized staff members would be necessary to be responsible for website update and management on a daily basis. Most corporations’ problem is that, either they cannot secure such personnel internally, or even if possible, the experience and skill levels are not necessarily sufficient. Yokogawa Electric Corporation was no exception.

Since before 2006, Yokogawa had a system in which each department uploads its information to the global website, and the PR/IR department oversees the entire corporation’s information. However, under such a system, some departments were not equipped with sufficient personnel to handle the task, and the latest web technology and services could not be introduced smoothly to the overall website. In addition, Yokogawa also had a desire to replace its CMS with a new one.

Building a path to implementing CMS while maintaining daily operations

Upon being consulted by Yokogawa Electric Corporation, transcosmos proposed a so-called on-site system with two staff members -- the web director and coder -- to stay on-site at Yokogawa’s site and immediately started helping to set up the new web management system.

Under the new system, the staff members dispatched from transcosmos handles daily duties such as updating information on a regular basis and responding to the inquiries made by various areas of the business; and along with that, prepared for implementation of the new CMS. For the CMS implementation, Yokogawa’s employees and transcosmos’s staff worked together as a team to communicate with the consultants continuously, and we supported selection and design of the most optimal CMS.

As a result, the new CMS was implemented in October 2009 for the overseas website and in March 2010 for Japan, completing the renewal of Yokogawa Electric Corporation’s global site renewal.

Completed platform which different business areas could share

Smoother operations and improved speed for information update were the first accomplishment of this new management system. In addition, notable results were: Increased awareness of each department’s personnel for website utilization; daily involvement in responding to non-functioning links and analysis/solutions for problems; and analysis of the details of access logs made possible. In addition, the time spent online by the users who access to the website has become longer, which was a significant result.

The automation business and measuring device business, which are two major areas of Yokogawa Electric Corporation’s business, have very different customer bases, so the contents of information and frequency of update required for the website differ. Through this renewal, a communication platform which can be shared by such different areas of business was completed. transcosmos will continue to maintain the on-site system and offer plans for new contents and technical proposals to contribute to further improvement of its client’s web communication quality.

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