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Personal Information Protection Policy

Personal Information Protection Policy

transcosmos inc. (Hereafter, our company) engages in various information processing outsourcing businesses such as call center and contact center services, digital marketing services as well as BPO services.

Our company has a high level of expertise in personal information protection, and in regard to all personal information acquired in the processes of our business operations, we have established and comprehensively implemented the following Privacy Policy as a code of conduct for all our employees.

1. Basic rules on the acquisition, utilization and release of personal information that consider the special requirements of our information service business.

(1) Rules on direct acquisition of personal information

  • Personal information is to be acquired using legal and fair means to obtain the consent of the individual.
  • In the case of acquiring personal information on customers and employees, etc., clarify the purpose and limit its usage to the achievement of the stated purpose.
  • For sensitive information that has a high potential to infringe upon or damage the individual, we shall only acquire such information with the clear consent of the individual or with proper legal justification.

(2) Rules on utilization and release of personal information

  • Except for special cases, we have implemented measures to prevent the disclosure or release of acquired information to third parties, or for utilization outside of the stated purpose.
  • When consigning the handling of acquired information to third parties, we shall conduct rigorous investigations of the third parties concerned based on our consignee selection standards, and in addition to concluding a nondisclosure agreement, we shall conduct appropriate supervision.

2. Compliance with laws and regulations, JIS Q 15001 and internal company policy

Our company shall handle personal information in accordance with our personal information management system, which complies with private information protection laws and their guidelines, as well as JISQ15001:2006 Personal Information Protection Management System requirements.

3. Appropriate controls for the handling of personal information

Private information shall be maintained accurately and in its most up-to-date form, and to prevent and/or correct any loss, damage or leak of personal information, we shall take all necessary and appropriate measures to safely manage personal information.

4. Continual improvements of personal information protection management systems

Based on the results of periodically implemented audits, etc., the person in charge of personal information protection management systems shall endeavor to make continual improvements regarding the handling of personal information.

5. Inquiries, grievances and requests for disclosure

For inquiries or grievances concerning relevant personal information, or requests for disclosure, amendment, deletion, suspension of usage, etc., we shall respond promptly.


Drafted May 1, 2002
Revised October 1, 2008
transcosmos inc.
President & COO
Masataka Okuda