Grow fan base and improve revenue by integrating, analyzing and utilizing big data
Analytics and Consulting Services

transcosmos consultants and data scientists integrate big data collected via every customer touchpoint and perform research and analysis as well as implement solutions. Based on the results, we help clients grow fan bases and improve revenue by developing marketing initiatives, boosting contact center customer satisfaction as well as improving contact center operations.

Research and Analytics Services

Solve CRM and marketing related challenges by utilizing Big Data

  • Plan and execute the optimum research and analysis per each objective and challenge
    • Research on product & service recognition level and U & A (Usage and Attitude)
    • Digital content access analysis and usability survey
    • Promotion & campaign performance evaluation
    • Customer satisfaction (CS) and Net Promotor Score (NPS) survey
    • Call monitoring and mystery call
    • Customer segmentation (RFM, cluster analysis, etc.)
    • Prediction model development (decision tree, logistics regression, etc.)
    • VOC analysis (call reason analysis, KPI variation factor analysis, etc.)
  • Offer one-stop services for various types of data and methods
    • Survey (postal mail, call, website, round table, visits, etc.)
    • Interview and behavior monitoring
    • MROC and insight community (build and operate internal monitoring process)
    • Access log and website traffic flow analysis (website, smartphone, censor, etc.)
    • Desk research and heuristic analysis
    • Data mining and text mining
    • Social listening
    • Global research
  • Support implementation and utilization of the representative research and analysis tools
  • 見える化エンジン
  • tableau
  • CustomerRings

“DataRobot,” an automated machine learning platform

The world’s most advanced enterprise automated machine learning platform

  • DataRobot is the world’s most advanced automated machine learning platform developed by the world’s leading data scientists. Its AI automatically searches through millions of combinations of advanced machine learning algorithms and builds the best predictive models for users regardless of their skill-level and machine learning experience. Ultimately, it helps users increase speed of analysis whilst reducing costs. Its built-in features offer the deepest insights and a whole new understanding of analysis results. Users can also deploy the predictive models to systems via API.

“DataRobot”, an automated machine learning platform


transcosmos analytics

100% subsidiary specializes in research and analysis

  • transcosmos analytics overview
    Over 60 consultants and data scientists collect and analyze various data. The company supports improving customer satisfaction and expanding sales, through combining its extensive know-how on data with the latest IT.
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